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Why It’s Time to Plan an All-Inclusive Vacation

December 16, 2020 0 Comments

Up-to-date health and safety protocols are firmly in place across the Caribbean and Mexico, which means now is the right time to begin planning your next (and much-needed) vacay. Check out some insightful tips from True Beach Lovers who have recently returned from all-inclusive beach bliss!

There’s Plenty of Space to Spread Out

Lighter crowds and social distancing measures mean that you have more room to yourself. Enjoy wide-open beaches and spacious resort venues where you can kick back, sip a cocktail and soak up all the sunshine you’ve been craving.

Get ready for an open beach!! It’s amazing! – Rebecca, Utah

Because the resort was large and the occupancy was so low, it was one of the most pleasant and enjoyable vacations we’ve everexperienced! Loved it! – James, Texas

Safety Protocols Are in Place

You’ll notice a variety of safety procedures throughout your vacay, whether you’re going to the airport, your resort or on an excursion. Diligent mask-wearing protocols, modified food services and ample hand-washing and/or sanitizing stations are also readily available. Be sure to mask up in public spaces and follow local government recommendations to protect yourself and others.

Plus, with the CDC’s newest guidelines requiring a negative COVID test at least three days prior to your return to the U.S., you’ll feel safe and sound throughout your journey home. Bonus: many resorts are offering convenient on-site testing! It’s quick, simple and lets you enjoy more of your vacay without ever having to leave the resort.

Take the trip! We felt as safe there as at home. – Juliana, California

Don’t hesitate to go, they are very on point and ensure that you are safe at all times. Highly impressed. – Melissa, Illinois

Just kick back and relax. (Photo by: @michellelenore)

Your Mindset Will Thank You

Getting away from the everyday — especially when a trip to paradise is on the agenda — can benefit your mind, body and soul. Even just anticipating a great escape is good for your spirit. Find the beach that’s calling your name and then begin planning.

Positively was a much-needed relaxing vacay. – Javiera, Texas

I loved the escape. I needed it mentally. – Genesis, New York

And Some Final Parting Words

Go. RELAX. Enjoy. Have fun. Unwind. Be yourself. Safe travels. – Michael, Ohio

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Ready to start planning your getaway? Be sure to stay updated on the latest health and safety measures prior to your departure and enjoy that trip to paradise!

Sarika Chawla