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If you’re spending time surfing the Web for extraordinary things to do in Jamaica, surf no more (unless you’re surfing at the beach, of course). We have the run-down on the best adventures in Jamaica right here. Before you leave for the stunning, sandsational island of Jamaica, consider these appealing activities. Yea, Mon?

Ochos Rios beach Jamaica

(Ochos Rios beach, Jamaica, photo by:

1. Go horseback riding in the cool waters of Ocho Rios. It’s time to fulfill your (entirely reasonable) lifelong fantasy of riding a horse literally in the ocean. On this two-and-half-hour tour in Ocho Rios, you can ride a horse through the back roads and experience the scenic countryside, ride down to an eye-catching, sugar-white sandy beach and then finish the tour with riding your angelic horse in the cool, calm and collected Caribbean Sea. Oh do you hear that? Yeah, that’s the horses in Ocho Rios calling your name.

2. Explore the gorgeous countryside in an ATV Buggy. Savor the beauty of the vast Jamaican backwoods on this thrilling two-hour ATV Buggy joyride from either Negril or Montego Bay. One of the most fun things to do in Jamaica, this rugged adventure explores the countryside every which way. It includes sights of plant and animal life, ventures through a rural Jamaican village, drives past the azure, enticing Caribbean Sea and even rides over the rocky grounds that lead up to the island’s mountains. Now go on, fasten your seatbelt and get that adrenaline pumping on this riveting ride.

Margaritaville Montego Bay

(View of ocean from Margaritaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by: L. Mitchell.)

3. Enjoy the stunning view at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. Time to kick back, grab a delish drink (the Electric Margarita sounds fabulous) and be enchanted by Margaritaville’s swoon-worthy view. Located on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay, this restaurant’s world-famous sunset patio is perfect for friends and family, and kids will love the 120 ft. waterslide that begins on the rooftop terrace. But you should know that once the sun goes down, Margaritaville lights up. The restaurant turns into a seaside nightclub with late-night dancing, margaritas in hand and an alluring view of the Caribbean Sea. Sounds frisky, alright.

4. Take a nighttime cruise in the Luminous Lagoon. This moonlit boat ride on radiant waters will allow you to explore one of Jamaica’s natural wonders. This lagoon hosts millions of microscopic bioluminescent organisms, so you can see magical colors light up in the water. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? You can also jump into the water and enjoy the itsy-bitsy, lit up creatures up close and personal if you choose. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. Oh, and the best part is, there’s a complimentary rum punch on the Luminous Lagoon tour. (Now you know why we think this is one of the most stellar things to do in Jamaica that we think is so aah-mazing.)

Waterfall at pool, Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa, Jamaica

(Waterfall at pool, Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa, Jamaica, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

5. Climb the waterfall at Dunn’s River Falls. Check out one of Jamaica’s most cherished, au-naturel beauties. With eye-popping falls of over 600 ft. flowing directly into the striking Caribbean Sea, Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios is rightfully one of the most popular things to do in Jamaica. If you climb up the waterfall (most people do), there are several natural lagoons and pools on the way to lounge, swim and sunbathe in (thank goodness). If you’re a bit concerned about this, you can stay at Jewel Dunn’s River and warm up on their waterfall in the pool. Either way, you’ll be in Earth-Heaven here.

6. Zip line over the canopy at Cranbrook Flower Forest. Soar sky high with the birds in the treetops on this outstanding two-hour trail of nine zip lines in the tropical paradise that is Jamaica. Leap and glide from platforms ranging from 105 to 660 ft. apart with breath-stealing views of exotic plant life, natural swimming holes and the (always) mesmerizing Caribbean Sea. This wild ride through the rainforest at Cranbrook Flower Forest in Ocho Rios is one of the most epic things to do in Jamaica and will leave you begging for more.

Are your sea senses tingling yet? If they are, don’t let these sunforgettable adventures go to waste. Dial 1-800-915-3162 and one of our brilliant, sea-studying Beachologists will hook you up with the vacay of a lifetime. If you already know the ropes on the beach life, go here to book your getaway. The lush, refreshing beaches of the Caribbean or Mexico are awaiting your arrival.

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