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True Beach Lover’s Gift Guide

October 25, 2018 0 Comments

Every year, around this time, millions of holiday shoppers flood stores and online sites buying millions of gifts…. Instead of buying the beach lover in your life something they’re going to toss in a bin and never touch again, why not buy them something they are actually going to use? Our True Beach Lover’s gift guide is the perfect list of items that a beach lover actually wants!

beach lover's gift guide

Collapsible water bottle | Snorkel mask  | Carry on cocktail  | “Beach Please” wine glass | Cute luggage  | GoPro | Mermaid blanket | Sunglasses | Sunhat | Travel magazine subscription | Selfie stick/tripod | Cute beach blanket/towel | Floating phone case


Collapsible water bottle 

All of that beach-going can make a traveler thirsty! Having a water bottle that is both cute, reusable and functional is always necessary! This collapsible water bottle made its way on to our beach lover’s gift guide because we definitely wouldn’t want one of our True Beach Lover’s getting dehydrated on our watch.

Snorkle mask 

We get it, not everyone enjoys those pesky masks and snorkels, and that’s exactly why we think this is the perfect mask to take along if your beach lover is looking to get in a little underwater action. And lucky them, it’s all one piece, no more keeping up with all the parts of a traditional snorkel set.

Carry on cocktail (21+)

Don’t even try to argue this one with us…. This didn’t make it on to our beach lover’s gift guide for nothing! Everyone (21+) could use one of these. It’s small enough to travel with in a carryon and the perfect size when it comes to one quick drink.

“Beach Please” wine glass 

Not every day can be spent at the beach… Why not act like it is with this adorable wine glass? If your beach lover loves the beach as much as we do, they are probably always saying “beach please” and if so, this could be the best stocking stuffer, ever! You can thank us later.

Cute luggage 

Can one go to the beach (or travel in general) without a cute and practical luggage? We always recommend a classy but cute carryon to accompany you on your travels! Most can fit everything you need for a week at the beach.


Do you really love your beach lover? Then this might just be the perfect gift you want to give them. Snagging some really awesome footage is usually on most True Beach Lover’s wish list.

Mermaid blanket 

Mermaids + beach = perfection. Maybe not for everyone, but we know this adorable little mermaid blanket is the perfect fit for our beach lover’s gift guide. And it comes in multiple colors…. Purely perfection!


Another hot ticket for beach lovers is a quality pair of sunglasses. Whether it’s stocking stuffers or a present under the tree, these Raybans are always one of our favorites. If you’re looking for something at a lower price point, we always recommend these mirrored aviators and vintage round sunglasses!


What beach lover wouldn’t want a giant hat to shield the sun? Everyone loves a good dose of Vitamin D, but sometimes, even we get sick of the sun. A giant, floppy, sunhat is the perfect way to shield our faces and sometimes shoulders from the sun.

Travel magazine subscription 

What’s better than getting a little slice of paradise in your mailbox every month? Okay, maybe a lot of things, but it sure is cool when you get a gift that keeps on giving. Give the traveler in your life a travel magazine subscription because you just never know, it might give them ideas for their next travel destination.

Selfie stick/tripod 

Whether your beach lover is single or tied down, taking photos of themselves can be hard. We recommend sending them off to the beach with this selfie tripod. It’s small, bendable and travels easily. Trust us, they’ll be thanking you quicker than the’ll be taking their next selfie! This mini tripod is the PERFECT gift!

Cute beach blanket/towel 

The beach lover in your life just called and informed us they really do want another beach towel and more importantly they want a cute beach blanket. This is one of our favorites, and at this price, you just cant beat it.

Floating phone case 

Every True Beach Lover needs to get the perfect shot to show everyone back at home just how splendid their beach vacay was…. But things can get a little messy when it comes to technology and water. Gift your beach lover this floating phone case and they’ll have endless photos to share with you when they return.

If none of these are striking your fancy, you can always check out our Swimwear Under $25 post and our eco friendly travel accessories for more ideas! And if you’re feeling really generous, check our some of our great deals to the Caribbean that you could gift your True Beach Lover!

Beach lover's gift guide


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