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Top Ways to Treat Yourself for the Holidays

November 22, 2019 0 Comments

The holidays bring out the crazy in all of us. Whether we’re shopping for gifts or preparing for family to come over, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed in the midst of what’s supposed to be the best time of the year! Here’s a list of fun ways to treat yourself this holiday season to help save your holiday cheer.

Go on vacay, duh!

Obviously, one of the best ways to treat yourself is with an escape to white sands and crystal-clear waters. Whether you want to vacay before the holiday craziness begins, end your holiday PTO with a dreamy getaway or spend the actual holidays abroad at the beach, all of your worries or stress will melt away once you feel the ocean breeze in the air. There are options for budget-friendly resorts that won’t cut into your gift-giving budget, or you could even have someone gift you with a vacay!

Girl laying in pool with ocean view.

Nothing better than the pool, an ocean view and a good book. (Photo by: @lafotodeanet)

Spend the day doing yoga

A healthy and easy way to treat yourself is by sitting back, taking a deep breath and doing some yoga. Take time to focus on your own health and work on your yoga poses. Go to a class and enjoy some Zen time with friends or roll out your mat at home and take in the peace and quiet. Even better, take in an ocean view while going into child’s pose– we promise it’ll be better.

Girl doing yoga pose on walkway leading to beach.

Yogis live for beach yoga. (Photo by: @spiritualbadass_)

Relax by the pool with a drink

The prime time to enjoy the Caribbean breeze is now! December is the beginning of peak season to visit most places in the Caribbean and Mexico, so escape the winter weather and head down south. As you enjoy the perfect weather, lounge by the pool with a cocktail in hand. There’s just something about a fruity drink that just makes everything feel right in the world.

Girl holding pineapple drink with pool in background.

We’ll have three more, please! (Photo by: @besprobudnaya)

Get a massage! You deserve it!

There’s nothing better to relieve a little tension than stopping by the spa for a massage. Experience true rejuvenation with a day full of spa or an hour on the beach at a dreamy massage table. Once you have a day full of pampering, you’ll feel much more prepared to face the craziness of the holidays– your family and friends will even be thanking you.

Massage tables on the beach.

The perfect spot for you and your honey to get some R&R. (Photo by: @castawaycrystal)

Go on the adventure you’ve always wanted to!

By taking a beach vacay, this opens up big opportunities to go on the adventures you’ve been wanting to! Give yourself the gift of adventure– maybe include your fam in on it if you’re feeling generous– by escaping and exploring places unseen. From the crystal-clear waters of Bacalar Lagoon in Mexico to hidden waterfalls to exciting food and drinks that will open up your palate, the Caribbean is the perfect spot for your adventurous side to come out.

Guy jumping in blue hole in Jamaica.

Dive head first into adventure– literally! (Photo by: @carlosmunnoz)

Feast, feast and then feast some more

Okay, this one might not be so hard, but one of the best ways to treat yourself this holiday season is by ditching the diet and relishing in the delicious food that accompanies this season. Whether you gouge on sugar cookies at grandma’s house or take full advantage of a resort buffet, sometimes there’s nothing better than satisfying your taste buds with a delicious meal. All-inclusive resorts include all food in the price, even room service­–so, basically there’s no better place to feast for the holidays.

Breakfast spread on balcony.

Looks like breakfast fit for royalty. (Photo by: @jamiecontrillo)

Inspired by Tom Haverford from Parks & Recreations, it’s time to treat yo’ self this holiday season. The first way to do so is by checking out our all-inclusive deals all the way from Cancun to Punta Cana– you’ll be treating yourself to the gift of vacay.

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