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Recently, one of our valiant True Beach Lovers traveled to the beautiful Bahamas and while there, sampled some luscious libations that she loved, so of course, we had to tell you about them. See if you think these top drinks in the Bahamas sound delicious. We’ve selected 5 that we absolutely love and hope you will, too.

Hibiscus Margarita, Melia Nassau, Bahamas

(Hibiscus Margarita, Melia Nassau, Bahamas, photo by: S. Daniels.)

1. Hibiscus Margarita: According to our TBL, this intricate drink is reinvented – and made to perfection – every time it’s served. (Or so said the bartender at the Melia Nassau). Instead of the rim being covered in salt, it was covered in sugar, which made it even more delicious. (Who doesn’t like extra sugar, right?) You can find this luscious libation at the Cilantro Mexican restaurant in the Melia Nassau, Bahamas. It pairs beautifully with their savory, spicy traditional Mexican cuisine. Getting hungry/thirsty? If you wanna make heads turn and be the envy of every beach barfly, you’ll order a kickin’ Hibiscus Margarita. You might even make some new friends when you’re sipping on this libation, one of the top drinks in the Bahamas.

Rum Punch, Melia Nassau, Bahamas.

(Rum Punch, Melia Nassau, Bahamas, photo by: S. Daniels.)

2. Rum Punch: Voted “Drink That Tastes Best on the Beach” by our TBL, Rum Punch is just the right combination of sweet, but not too much for your taste buds – it doesn’t overpower. While this scrumptious drink is a staple in the Caribbean, you should know that it’s also extremely lethal. Down a few of these drinks and you might be down for the count or dancing on the table. (Or both). Either way when you’re deciding on which of the top drinks in the Bahamas to try, Rum Punch is great with or without food.

Sand Beer, Riu Nassau, Bahamas

(Sand Beer, Riu Nassau, Bahamas, photo by: S. Daniels.)

3. Sands Beer: If you want to experience a “truly Bahamian” taste, this classic brew is for you. Sands is light, less filling, and refreshing – plus it’s incredibly smooth so it compliments any kind of food. You can enjoy it in three flavors – light, regular and the innovative, Pink Radler Grapefruit. The latter was created as a summer beer and according to our expert (our TBL), it really tasted like fresh grapefruit juice was just squeezed into the bottle. Fast becoming the most popular beer in the Bahamas, Sands is one rockin’ adult beverage that’s a sure bet on the beach.

Kalik beer, Grand Lucayan Conch Festival, Bahamas,

(Kalik beer, Grand Lucayan Conch Festival, Bahamas, photo by: S. Daniels.)

4. Kalik Beer: This original, choice beer can be had in five drinkable flavors – Kalik Regular, Kalik Light, Kalik Radler Lemon, Kalik Gold, and Kalik Lime. While this brewski is heavier in taste, it’s also full of flavor. Our TBL encountered this fine brand during the McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival and her favorite was Kalik Lime. To our brew aficionado, this sudsy lip smacker was way better than Bud Light Lime because it tasted like it was just given a shot of fresh-squeezed lime. One last thing: Kalik Gold is 7% alcohol so watch out – it can hit you before you know it, especially when you’re soaking in the sun in the Bahamas.

Gully Wow tent, McClean's Town Conch Festival, Bahamas

(Gully Wow tent, McClean’s Town Conch Festival, Bahamas, photo by: S. Daniels.)

5. Gully Wash aka Gully Wow: Made with fresh coconut water, sweetened condensed milk and gin, the Gully Wash was an unexpected hit with our TBL when she attended the McLean’s Town 43rd Annual Conch Cracking Festival – during her tour in the Bahamas, it turned out to be Her Most Favorite (on and off the beach). Served right under a tent and out of a coconut, this concoction was poured right into her red Solo cup. (She especially liked this). One thing to know: this special libation is stirred – NEVER shaken, said the bartender, aka Gully Wash Maker. He added with a wink, “Don’t confuse the two.” She was told that it might “put a little pep in your step,” and that would prove to be prophetic, as her steps were definitely pepped when she took part in learning the traditional Bahamian Quadrille dance – something she said she would have never done without the help of her friend, the Gully Wash, or Gully Wow, as it’s commonly referred to. With all this fanfare, it’s no wonder the Gully Wash is one of the top 5 drinks in the Bahamas.

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