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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Caribbean Vacation

June 4, 2015 0 Comments

So what might be these top 10 reasons you need a Caribbean vacation? It’s sort of rhetorical question; however, we feel the need to point out some reasons that might not be that obvious in your own life. Here goes.

  1. Your project that you busted your hump on for 60 hours last week just got put on hold.
  2. You walked out of the house today wearing two different shoes – one black, one red.
  3. You new lab puppy just decided to use your new Michael Kors bag as a chew toy.
  4. Your phone died just when you were getting the number of the hottie you were talking to.
  5. Your idea of entertainment is popping an entire sheet of bubble wrap. During lunch.
  6. You’re really stoked because you went unnoticed while “sampling” chocolates from the bins at Whole Foods.
  7. You’re so pale that the checker at the grocery store asked you if you were actively avoiding the sun.
  8. You’re seriously considering LARPING.
  9. You’re binging on TMZ…on purpose.
  10. You’ve signed up to be an Uber driver to meet people.

Take heart. Help is on the way. 

And it comes in the form of one simple word, replete with four beautiful syllables: Caribbean.

7 Mile Beach, Jamaica

(7 Mile Beach, Jamaica, photo by:

There, amidst the crystal clear water of a dreamy turquoise ocean, you can cast your cares aside. Dive into pineapple-graced umbrella drinks. Fill your weary soul with sumptuous five-star dining. Soothe your spirit with the hypnotic sounds of the surf, then drift back to sleep to the soft din of island music, only to be awakened by a tawny cabana boy who is the doppelgänger of Collin Farrell. You no longer need to binge on The Bachelor. In fact, you’re well on your way to finding one sexy candidate of your own.

Here in the sand, we’re crushing it like never before. And you can be, too. Marinate on our top 10 reasons you need a Caribbean vacation. Perhaps you’ll relate to a few or all.

Book a getaway now. You know you need it.

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