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The View is Better From Above in Cabo

July 21, 2017 0 Comments
Updated by Rachel Tellez: March 25, 2019

Calling all adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts! If you want to get your Cabo vacay off to a flying start, then these awesome, powered hang gliders are just what you’re looking for. Basically a hang glider with a motor, it’s one of the most thrilling and unique Cabo excursions you can do!

You’ll get breathtaking views of the glistening ocean, the mountains and everything else in between: Medano Beach, Land’s End a.k.a El Arco, Chileno Bay, the Corridor, Santa Maria Bay, all the hotels and villas that line the coast… need we say more?

Cabo excursion

Flying high on a powered hang glider with Cabo Sky Tours (Photo by: @jarvisphoto)

You’ll wear goggles and you’ll have a seat belt, so don’t worry. Your phone or camera for an epic selfie is fine to bring along–just hold on tight!

The best part about this excursion is that you get to choose the level of intensity from the range of tours they offer. Some tours range from 10-12 minutes, 25-30, 45-50 and even up to an hour and 10 minutes! The amount of time varies depending on the places you’ll get to see (selected in the tour package). But no matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed picture-perfect views of Cabo and an incredible experience that you’ll never forget!

Seeing the beauty of Cabo while you glide over it, safely positioned on the powered hang glider, is more than just a few minutes of adrenaline. It’s a totally unique and phenomenal way to experience Cabo like you never have before. We’re not sure we have words to adequately capture the feeling. But we’ll do this excursion over and over until we can come up with them. Ready to take flight? Check out these awesome sky tours for yourself!

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