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Tasty Turks & Caicos Food

August 22, 2018 0 Comments

When we think Turks and Caicos, we think beautiful beaches, stellar scuba diving and delicious dining…emphasis on the dining. The island is often known for its luxury resorts and even more luxurious restaurants; and while we’re big fans of the luxury spots, we’re partial to the local joints. Get ready for a mouth watering Turks & Caicos food adventure through some of our favorite, local, spots!

Turks & Caicos Food

Pastries at Caicos Cafe, Turks & Caicos (@dawncockell23)

Caicos Bakery
We know. Waking up to a stunning blue view is magical, but you probably need to quiet your grumbling stomach from the rum punch the night before with some coffee and carbs. The Caicos Bakery has you covered. This adorable and quaint morning stop is a must for the freshest (literally), most delightful pastries you’ll ever have. From croissants (may we suggest the ham and cheese-filled) and quiches to their famous beignets, each treat is baked that day!

It’s worth getting up early to get first dibs on the goods. The bakery only sits about 6 people and does not accept orders over the phone. Be sure to bring some cash, too. The Caicos Bakery doesn’t take credit cards.

Turks & Caicos Food

Conch fritters at Da Conch Shack, Turks & Caicos (Photo by: @boosatech)

Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar
Obviously, this is the place to go for some delicious, fresh conch. This open-air, beachfront restaurant serves up every type of conch you could ever want – conch fritters, cracked conch, conch salad, conch chowder, conch creole…the list just goes on – plus a variety of freshly caught seafood. While you’re sipping on tasty (and very strong) rum drinks, you can watch the conch harvested right in front of you!After all, conch is Turks & Caicos’ largest export! Plus, Wednesdays and Sundays bring something extra special to the already pretty special shack: live music.

Turks & Caicos Food

Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl Turks & Caicos (Photo by: @heydubois)

Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl
When it comes to Turks & Caicos food, you can never have too much conch. Located in Five Cays, Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl serves up mouthwatering conch, seafood, chicken and burgers. You can even enjoy your plate, booze and views from a table IN the water. Of course, actually sitting in the water depends on the tide, so if the tide is too high or the water is too rough, you’ll have to sit on the beach – the views are still great, though! This unique spot keeps its guests amused with daily live entertainment and outdoor games like darts, ping pong, horseshoes and volleyball.

Turks & Caicos Food

Cocovan, Turks & Caicos (Photo by: @destinationroadtrip)

Cocovan, located on the property of sister restaurant Coco Bistro in the heart of Grace Bay, is a 1974 Airstream Kitchen, giving the food truck fad a whole new meaning. Situated in a palm tree garden with ample outdoor seating, this unique restaurant provides casual, tapas-style eats. You can munch on some addictive siracha-lime popcorn while you wait for your fried shrimp (or lobster, depending on the season), mac & cheese balls, tacos, tuna tartar and so much more! The menu rotates on a monthly basis, but we promise you’ll never be disappointed. Cocovan hosts a cool, laid-back vibe and a tequila well – what more could you ask for?

Turks & Caicos Food

Tacos at Somewhere Cafe and Lounge, Turks & Caicos (Photo by: @lauranizlek)

Somewhere Cafe
Somewhere Cafe is the kind of place you visit once, and you beg to go back every chance you get. When it comes toTurks & Caicos food, this joint is the quintessential beach dive with a laidback vibe and perfect beachfront location. And the beef tacos and fajitas are out of this world, delicious!

Turks & Caicos Food

Wellington freebird at Coyaba, Turks & Caicos (Photo by: @eatonpurpose)

For a more upscale, romantic, dining experience, we highly recommend Coyaba. This inventive restaurant features contemporary Caribbean cuisine with a French twist. A true farm-to-table concept, the chefs focus on detail in each dish on the ever-changing menu. Coyaba is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a quiet evening with friends. The gazebo, located in a lush garden with twinkle lights and fountains, is beyond peaceful. Coyaba literally means “heavenly” and when it comes to Turks & Caicos food, we can’t disagree that this place is truly heavenly!

If your mouth is watering (ours is, too) looks at all of the amazing Turks & Caicos food, it’s time to head to Turks & Caicos, aka a foodie’s paradise. Browse our Turks & Caicos deals or call one of our Beachologists at 800-915-2322 to escape.

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