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Sweet Spots in Belize

June 1, 2018 0 Comments

Most places in the Caribbean have near perfect temperatures, year round. Which makes it the perfect climate for enjoying a cold, sweet treat. Dessert in Belize is something you don’t want to miss out on. From pies, to ice creams, to the most delicious, homemade waffle cones you will ever try, they have it all!

dessert in Belize

Cool Cone Ice cream at The Truck Stop, Belize (Photo by: @ftfroggy)

Cool Cone at The Truck Stop

If the laid-back and fun atmosphere of The Truck Stop in Belize isn’t enough for you, they have ice cream! The Cool Cone at The Truck Stop is home to some of the best ice cream on all of the island. Make sure you don’t skip out on the homemade waffle cones, they’re a show stealer!

The Ice Cream Shoppe

Whether it’s a classic flavor or something wild and crazy like avocado, amaretto or one of the spirited flavors (yes, we mean alcohol), this gem has it all. The original location is in Belize City, but they now have locations in San Ignacio and San Pedro.

dessert in Belize

Rum+bean shop Belize (Photo by: @shawnsuitcases)


This little shop in San Pedro packs a big punch. Serving delicious coffee and a rum cake that will knock your socks off. It also doesn’t hurt that the shop is as cute as a button.

Elvi’s Kitchen

Elvi’s Kitchen is one of the best spots for dessert in Belize or for a delicious bite to eat. Miss Elvi’s Frozen Keylime Pie & Coconut Pie are both out of this world delicious. Both are served ice cold and are the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Remember to get there early, both often sell out!

dessert in Belize

Paradice cream, Belize (Photo by: @sanpedroscoop)

Paradice Cream

Homemade, handmade, made with love… All terms that come to mind when we think of Paradice Cream in Belize. The lemon crunch, banana pudding, and the Caye lime pie are all personal favorites, but you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors.

If all this talk about sweet spots has you dying to get to Belize, you have to check out some of our awesome deals, or some of the other great places to explore in Belize. Or you can always call one of our friendly Beachologists at 1-800-915-2322 to hear even more about Belize!

dessert in Belizedessert in Belize
June 1, 2018

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