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Sustainable Tips for the Holidays

November 26, 2019 0 Comments

It’s pumpkin spice – er, the holiday season! Time to get ready for all the comfort and joy, cocktail-filled festivities and yes, a sprinkling of gratitude. Whether you’re celebrating the love at home or saying “adios” to snow and hitting the beach, here are some simple tips for the holidays to help protect the environment.

Turn holiday red into eco-green

We all know the red plastic cups that appear at every holiday party. Yes, they’re very festive, but there are so many better options out there. Ditch the plastic for biodegradable cups made from…corn? Yes, it’s real. Or skip the disposables altogether and opt for bamboo dishware that is earth-friendly and affordable.

Smoothie bowl with bamboo spoon.

Bamboo dishware even looks cuter! (Photo by: @rach_greve)

Say “Suck It” to straws

Seriously, just skip ‘em at your next holiday party or beach bar bonanza. Plastic straws end up in our oceans and are notorious for harming sea turtles and other marine life. If you must sip, look for paper or plant-based alternatives. And join us by taking the pledge to say, “suck it!”

Cocktail with cucumbers with reusable straw in it.

Cocktails taste so much better with a reusable straw. (Photo by: @joannaeliel)

Lend a hand

Hitting the beach for the holidays? Now is the perfect time to volunteer your time to give back to the community that is hosting you. Plenty of resorts offer sea turtle conservation programs where you can help hatchlings make it from the sand to the sea, or join a group cleanup to keep those beautiful Caribbean beaches free from trash and debris. Whatever you decide, there’s always a way to help.

Baby turtle on beach.

Baby turtles + helping the environment = ultimate win. (Photo by: @marybeth_hall)

Holiday season can be fun, while keeping things sustainable! Whether you’re throwing a party or heading down for some much needed sand and surf, there’s a way to help the environment around you. Don’t miss out on all-inclusive deals to eco-friendly resorts all the way from Riviera Maya to Costa Rica!

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