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This seashell vase is the cutest. And it’s so easy to make.

Hemp rope, scissors, spray adhesive, hot glue gun and large shells

(Hemp rope, scissors, spray adhesive, hot glue gun and large shells, photo by: J. Clegg.)

What You Need: A cylindrical glass vase, hemp rope, spray adhesive, hot glue gun and large shells.

First Step: Wash and dry the vase. Make sure it’s squeaky clean before you proceed.

(Spraying adhesive on the lower half of vase, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Second Step: Spray the adhesive about half way up to the top. For this part, it helps to have a friend hold the vase.

Wrapping hemp rope around the bottom of the vase

(Wrapping hemp rope around the bottom of the vase, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Wrapping hemp rope around the vase

(Wrapping hemp rope around the bottom of the vase, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Third Step: Wrap the hemp around the bottom of the vase. Do it slowly and press the strands close to each other so there are no gaps.

(Shell glued on vase, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Fourth Step: Hot glue the shell to the vase.

Seashell vase,

(Finished product: flowers in vases and candle, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Now all you need are some fresh flowers, a candle and the Seashell Vase creates a beautiful, beachy centerpiece you’ll love. If you want to take this theme outside, check out our Seashell Wind Chime.

A True Beach Lover




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