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Savoring Seafood the Sustainable Way

October 22, 2019 0 Comments

If you’re like us, many of the best memories from vacation revolve around food! And in the Caribbean, seafood is king – often sourced straight from the surrounding waters and appearing on your plates that very same day. Simple and flavorful, prepared with a dash of Caribbean soul, these are some of the best ways to savor local seafood the responsible way.

Seek out sustainable ingredients

Choosing seafood that has been sourced responsibly isn’t just good for you – it’s good for the planet. One of the best sustainable choices is mahi mahi, a sweet, mild fish. They replenish quickly and are caught by methods that don’t harm other marine life. Succulent shrimp is practically a staple ingredient across the Caribbean, but the most sustainably sourced ones come from Belize.

Coconut shrimp on plate with pasta.

Sustainable shrimp tastes so much better when it’s coconut. (Photo by: @hello_chaos)

In this case, labels matter

It doesn’t have to be a guessing game to know if your food is sustainable. There’s a nonprofit organization, Marine Stewardship Council, that is the gold standard for certifying sustainable seafood. (You might recognize the blue label from the seafood counter!) That includes red rock lobster from Baja California, Mexico and certain types of Caribbean spiny lobster– yum! So you can rest easy on your vacation when you order what’s right.

Lobster dinner for two.

We’ll take both plates, please! (Photo by: @jigga_21)

Eat locally. It’s worth it.

The best way to support communities is to simply go where the locals eat. We’re talking mom and pop restaurants, roadside stands and beach shacks serving up the freshest seafood. Trust us, golden fried cracked conch tastes even better when you’re sitting on a breezy beach in Turks and Caicos. Fuel up for a day of adventure with Jamaica’s national dish, ackee (a local fruit) and saltfish, served with a side of plantains.

Fried conch in basket on blue table.

Turks & Caicos doesn’t just serve up amazing views– but delicious food too! (Photo by: @boosatech)

Get out on the water

The best way to learn about the environment is to get out and enjoy it! Join a local fisherman to try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Across the Caribbean, there are local restaurants where the chef will be more than happy to cook your catch just the way you like it.

Fishing pole over the boat edge.

Help the environment while enjoying an exciting excursion! (Photo by: @warchyld)

No matter what seafood you prefer, you can help make an impact by how you choose to eat it. With locally sourced shrimp in Belize, freshly fried conch in Turks & Caicos and deep sea fishing across Mexico, you can make sustainable eating decisions on your next all-inclusive getaway.

Sarika Chawla