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8 Reasons You Need a Romantic Getaway Without the Kids

July 21, 2016 2 Comments

Isn’t summer break the best? You’re enjoying your little darlings, chauffeuring them to the pool, the park, the mall, and the ice cream store. To grandma and grandpa’s and to family reunions. And too many more locales to name. Fortunately, the time will come (in no time) when they’re back in school. This means one thing. You need a break. Preferably, this break will take place in a sunny, sandy locale that is miles away from your home (that you can forget about cleaning), smack dab in the middle of a beachy paradise. If you have any doubt about why romantic vacations are the best reward for your summer of servitude, read on.

1. People Will Pick up After You. Not Vice Versa. In some resorts, on top of daily maid service (heaven) you can even get a butler. Yes. You read that right. These kind souls will unpack for you, draw your bath, make dinner reservations. Anything you can think of. When you’re on a romantic getaway without kids, you deserve a serious amount of babying.

2. The Only Sippy Cup You’ll Be Refilling is Your Own. Doesn’t this sound like a dream? Well, it won’t be a dream because it will be very real and in your gorgeous, tanned face when you are ocean-side with a cocktail, one that will be brought to you on a platter, maybe not silver, but who cares, right? Romantic vacations without the kids should be all about spoiling yourself and not lifting a single finger.

3. In Parent Time, even a Weekend Seems Likes Two Weeks. And why is this? It’s primarily because when your kiddos are hanging on your back and under foot, you never get any alone time. So when you ARE alone, the time slows down. The drama lessens. You. Can. Breathe.

4. Standing in Long, Boring Lines is Almost Fun. Remember when you and your spouse could stand in long, boring lines when you ran errands together (bought groceries, picked up dry cleaning, et al) and just hung out? Chances are, you could find a million silly things to laugh out loud about then. A romantic getaway without the kids is kind of the same. Except you’re in a deliciously tropical destination like Secrets Akumal with lots of non-boring things to do.

Secrets Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico

(Secrets Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico, photo by:

5. You No Longer Have to Referee. Sibling rivalry is inevitable, if not (when kids are older), the fodder for some good ribbing. However, if you have kids, no matter what age, you may find yourself breaking up fights/disagreements between them. When you’re off on a romantic getaway without the kids, you’ll have a breezy respite from any and all fussing. We know the calm might seem weird at first, but trust us, you’ll get used to it.

6. There’s No Need for Swimming Lessons. (Unless the bartender gave you one too many.) With all seriousness, summertime is THE time for your brood to dive into this important endeavor: learning to swim. They’re soggy and drip all over your car and house, but it’s just water and it always dries. But back to you. Whether you’re riding the waves or chillaxing by the pool, romantic vacations without the kids are what you need. Take the plunge. After all, you’ve already taken the plunge. Why not take another?

7. You Get to Be Called by Your Name. Not Mommy or Daddy. Yes. You. You have a name. It was given to you at birth by your mommy and daddy. When in paradise with your partner/significant other, you’ll rediscover the resonance of your sweet name.

8. Reconnecting Kid-Free is Soul-Nourishing. You’ll remember why you fell in love. You won’t worry if someone has swallowed a Barbie shoe or has destroyed the living room. You’ll laugh. You might even cry (for happiness, of course.) You’ll get to have some adults-only fun while you rediscover each other. This is probably the most important reason to go on romantic vacations without the kids.

Now that you’re sufficiently convinced to take this much-needed breather from your progeny, you’ve got to take advantage of our wallet-loving prices and awe-mazing destinations. Do yourself a big favor. Call us right now at 1-800-915-3162 and one of our sea-phisticated BhDs will set you and yours up on a wonderful, beachtastic getaway. If you want to peruse the lay of the sand solo, just go here. Either way, it’s time to get out of town. You’ve earned it.

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    Fox Mulder

    February 6, 2018

    Maybe you cannot help us, but we are lookingg for a quiet nude beach. Any suggestions?

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      February 6, 2018

      Hi Fox! Hidden Beach in Riviera Maya sounds like the perfect spot for you. Check it out HERE and let us know if you have any questions