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5 Reasons to Add Transfers at the Time of Your Booking

August 11, 2019 0 Comments

You’ve found your perfect beach destination, a fabulous, all-inclusive resort and now you’re ready to book. Yay! But what comes next? How are you getting from the airport to your hotel and then back to the airport? Booking transfers is one of the most overlooked steps in the booking process yet is also a key step to making sure your arrival goes smoothly. Here are 5 insider reasons to add transfers at the time of your booking.

1. You’re guaranteed safe and reliable in-destination transportation

Nothing is more stressful than trying to figure out what reliable companies to book with in a foreign country–especially when there are foreign currencies and languages involved! Before you check out on, we always offer the best transfer options available to you. We partner with Amstar DMC to offer you affordable, stress-free and welcoming transfer services in our most popular destinations–Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica. No need to worry about overspending, overcrowded vehicles and not being able to communicate with your driver! They’ll even know if your flight gets delayed and your arrival time changes. We’ve got you covered, True Beach Lovers.

Our awesome Amstar reps will always be there to welcome you to paradise!

2. You can add it online while booking, rather than having to call later

Although the excitement of jetting off to your dream beach destination can often make you skip right over these key steps in the booking process, you’ll want to keep this in mind. Once you click that check out button, you’ve missed your chance to add transfers online. Having a friendly chat with our awesome Beachologists is no biggie, but sometimes busy schedules just don’t make it easy to add in phone calls. So, it’s best that you set a reminder to add your transfers when booking online for stress-free planning.

3. Transfer prices are included in your payment plan

For those budget-conscious travelers (aren’t we all?), you’ll be happy to know that the transfer prices you add to your initial booking are added right into your payment plan–no need to pay full price up front! If you prefer to wait until later to add transfers, you most definitely can, but will have to pay separately for adding the feature to your booking.

4. You can research the company you book with ahead of time

More often than not, these days, before using any new product or trying a new restaurant, the first thing people do is check the reviews beforehand–#guilty, we all do it!  When you arrive at the airport without having booked a transfer before your arrival, how do you know which company to book when there are rows of options? How can you tell which vehicle type offered meets your needs? Truth is, you likely won’t know until you’ve already committed. When you add a transfer to your booking, you know exactly which company you’ll be booking with and what vehicle types are available for you to choose from.

5. Once you book, all that’s left is to pack and start your vacay countdown

The best part about booking your transfers at the same time as your initial booking is that once you have it all booked, you have nothing else to worry about other than which bathing suits to pack! Since you booked it all together, you’ll have all of your trip info in one place. No having to flip between mobile apps or multiple confirmation sheets–it’s already put together for you. Let’s be honest, once the excitement kicks in for your beach vacay, you’ll most likely forget to book those transfers anyway. So, it’s best to do it at the time of your booking to avoid the risk of being stranded at the airport.

Wouldn’t you much rather be “stuck” here than at an airport? (Photo by: @highstandardvacations)

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