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Puerto Rico Through the Years

April 24, 2018 0 Comments

Little island, big history. Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory, is a small island, just under 1,000 miles from the southern most point of Florida. Though it is small, it has a lot of history behind it, and we’re sharing a quick look into Puerto Rico’s history.

Puerto Rico's history

Castillo de San Cristobal (Photo by: @reizenista)

For such a small amount of land, this little island holds a lot of history.

Puerto Rico has been both a Spanish Colony and a U.S. Territory. The little island is roughly the size of Connecticut and is home to a estimated 3 million people.  The people of Puerto Rico are a mix of three different races and cultures: Spanish, Native Taino and African.

You don’t need a passport when going to Puerto Rico!

In 1898, after the Spanish-American War, the Treaty of Paris was signed, and Puerto Rico became a U.S. Territory. Puerto Rico, along with four other locations make up the five U.S. Territories, and you don’t need a passport when traveling to any of them!

Puerto Rico's history

El Yunque National Forest (Photo by: @5hiva)

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the United States’ National Forest system.

With 28,000 acres of lush vegetation, there is more than enough to keep someone busy for a whole day (or month)! You can read more about El Yunque National Forest in the 5 Natural Wonders of Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico's history

Pina Colada at Barrachina (Photo by: M. Lowery)

Puerto Rico's history

Plaque at Barrachina (Photo by: M. Lowery)

A former bartender at Barrachina, a popular bar in Puerto Rico, created The Pina Colada sometime between 1950-1960.

The popular coconut and pineapple frozen drink is always a hit on the beach, but many don’t know this sweet drink was created by Don Ramon Portas Mingot, a bartender in Puerto Rico! Grab one at Barrachina in San Juan and enjoy a little of Puerto Rico’s history with every sip!

And most importantly, Puerto Rico is OPEN for business! 

After the 2017 hurricanes Puerto Rico has shown just how strong they truly are. This little island is welcoming tourists with open arms!

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