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Nothing inspires a true sense of adventure like a trip to Panama & Cartagena - with their sunken ships, chests full of gold and infamous names such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Henry Morgan. Jump aboard this authentic tour of some of the world's most iconic havens for buccaneers and privateers. Argh!

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  • Location: Panama & Cartagena


    Booking Dates: September 19 - October 30, 2018


    Travel Dates: December 6 - December 11, 2018


    Price: From $3,000/person



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    Resort: Dreams Delight Playa Bonita Panama

    Tour with Gamboa Tours


    Panama might be known for its canal and tropical flora and fauna, but let's go ahead and add its swashbuckling pirate history to the mix. Actually, the country's location, being a great oceanic cut-through, made it vulnerable to pirates. Many ransoms were made on the port, including one that led to Henry Morgan actually capturing the country as his own. The havoc wreaked makes Panama an intriguing stop for a pirate tour - but travelers can also enjoy the country's national parks, historic structures and museums.



    Resort: Conrad Cartagena

    Tour with Decameron Explorer


    Cartagena de indias history of pirates, which started just 30 days after its founding in 1533 when the village was ransacked by a French nobleman. That first raid led to strengthening of its defenses with walled compounds and castles, many of which still stand. As the wealth of the coastal town grew, many more pirates and privateers came to plunder the city, including Francis Drake. Now, the port town is a popular tourist destination with its tropical climate, rich history and old-world charm.


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