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Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder

September 7, 2017 0 Comments


Salt water, sand, and all things beach are not ideal for all of your precious jewels. Even though Ariel kept her goods deep unda the ocean, we definitely don’t recommend it. This Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder is perfecting for keeping your beloved gems safe. Here’s how you make it

Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder

(Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Materials for Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder

Instructions for Making Your Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder

1. Gather materials and prep your workspace.

2. Rinse oyster shells thoroughly, making sure they are clean. Dry completely.

3. Spray entire oyster shell with clear spray. Dry completely.

4. Use a foam brush to paint gold leaf around the edges of the shell. Dry completely.

Now that you’ve made your Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder, you might well be in a DIY groove, so why not make our Seashell Vase?  Or how about our Seashell Wind Chime? Regardless, this beachy jewelry holder is one of the cutest things you can make. But as you know, you can never get enough beach!

September 12, 2017

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