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Oasis Hotels & Resorts: The Sandsational Six

June 14, 2017 0 Comments

The folks behind the Oasis Hotels and Resorts are, well, geniuses. While the overall vibe is jubilation par excellence, they have curated eight different havens for travelers based on what they’re looking for in terms of an exotic, tropical escape with an overlay of fun. The tagline for Oasis Hotels and Resorts is “Oasis Loves U” and it’s accompanied with a provocative question: “Oasis Loves Beach, Are U Ready?”, which changes focus by location (as you’ll see below). The spa, Sensoria, offers a dizzying array of body-and-soul-melting treatments like the usual massages, facials, but they up the ante with H2O Therapy and Temazcal, a Mayan steam bath that heals and transforms. The other piece de resistance is that you can rent Smart Cars at all their resorts. Oasis Hotels and Resorts all-inclusive so you’ll want for nothing. The trick is deciding just exactly what you want – they’ve covered every kind of beachtastic escape you can think of.

Cabana, The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, Cancun, Mexico.

(Cabana, The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, Cancun, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

1. The Pyramid – The theme of this crazy fun haven is “Oasis Loves Surprises, Are U Ready?” So going in, you know it’s gonna be a party. Self-identified as the “Grandmaster of fun” this beachaliscious resort offers live concerts, music festivals & shows and themed parties that turn up unexpectedly, i.e. dancers seemingly appear out of nowhere and cut a rug in the lobby or comedy skits materialize by the longest pool in Cancun. At night, the sizzle continues with a burlesque cabaret show in the Kinky nightclub. (Note: Kinky is not an adjective, it’s the name of the place). Rooms are ocean or lagoon view so you know you’ll be gazing at some sweet blue hues. Nosh at epic international restaurants and throw back a few at rockin’ bars and then wind down at the spa with massages, facials and body wraps. Whew. When you book CheapCaribbean vacation packages that include Oasis Hotels and Resorts, you get so much. You ready to go?

Pool, Grand Oasis Cancun, Mexico

(Pool, Grand Oasis Cancun, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

2. Grand Oasis Cancun – This resort is the sister of The Pyramid and their moniker is, “Oasis Loves Fun, Are U Ready?”, and boasts much of the same revelry; however, there are a few extra amenities. They really blow out the cultural aspect of your experience. For instance, you can enjoy a “Grand Mexican Experience” with a long list of delicious grub spots featuring Mexican tequilas, Mexican wines and dishes from Northern Mexico, plus tastes from Los Agaves and Guadalajara Delights. There’s a world-class golf course near. Gotta love that. Oh, and this spot also specializes in hosting groups and conventions. So bring your people on down. The spa is just as fantabulous so don’t miss out on chillaxing and recovering from all the merriment you’ll have here. CheapCaribbean vacation packages with Oasis Hotels and Resorts as your Command Central promise an awesome amount of fun. And then some.

Infinity Pool, Grand Oasis Sens, Cancun, Mexico

(Infinity Pool, Grand Oasis Sens, Cancun, Mexico, photo by:

3. Grand Oasis Sens – A play on the word “senses,” this smokin’ venue de amour is all about lovers. As in the two of you. As in couples. The question posed for this location is “Oasis Loves Romance, Are U Ready?” It’s a rhetorical question, of course, because every inch of this place is dedicated to warmth and intimacy, as evidenced by their wedding and honeymoon packages, one of which is called “O Mayan.” It’s a cultural ceremony involving a Mayan Priest (Shaman) who blesses the couple in harmony with natures and requests the authorization of the Gods, the four elements and the seven spiritual directions. However, if you want to stick with a traditional wedding, there are plenty of options for this, too. There’s more: you can tease your palate with their epicurean adventure called the Foodie-Blindy gourmet dining experience. Plus an exclusive nature reserve, Sian Ka’an, a Shangri-La for you to get lost in.  Not to be forgotten or relegated to last mention, the heavenly spa offers a package called “Queen or King for a Day”, which buys you a 50 minute massage, facial, H2O circuit, mani or pedi, and wine from their own cellar. Grab your spouse/partner/lovah and come on by for some tete a tete time. CheapCaribbean vacation packages that include Oasis Hotels and Resorts are oh-so-romantic.

Pool, Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico

(Pool, Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

4. Oasis Palm –  Gather the fam. This one is all about the kiddos. “Oasis Loves Mexico, Are U Ready?” is the question and the answer is “you better be” because the family memory-making is ON here – at a price that won’t break your wallet. For parents, there’s the Kin Ha Spa, where you can take a break, kick back and relax while the kiddos expend their endless energy with fun and games. Lounge by the pool or play in the sand. Oasis Hotels and Resorts give you oceans of ways to amuse yourselves.

Pool, Grand Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico

(Pool, Grand Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico, photo by:

5. Grand Oasis Palm – With the addition of “Grand,” things here are dialed up a notch. Like the sister resort, Oasis Palm, where you all will enjoy endless entertainment, family-friendly accommodations, child-centric restaurants plus a Kids Club that’s more than cool. But this getaway locale offers more bells and whistles – they shine the spotlight on Mexican culture with dancing, dining and décor. Most important, the food is delicioso. Mom and dad can hop over to the Kin Ha Spa for some much-needed “Me Time” while the kids happily play in the sand, supervised of course. All can splash and swim in the spectacular freeform swimming pool. The Happiness Quotient is high when you book CheapCaribbean vacation packages and vacay at Oasis Hotels and Resorts.

Pool, Grand Oasis Tulum, Mexico

(Pool, Grand Oasis Tulum, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

6. Grand Oasis Tulum – Off the beaten path is what this gem nestled in natural beauty is all about. The question is (of course) “Oasis Loves Nature, Are U Ready?” and we know you know the answer. The beach has an exquisite unusual shape that you’ll love, and when you want to explore, you can check out the amazing coral reef. A bit more upscale than the sister resort, Oasis Tulum, you can hang out in the cool VIP area by the pool then wander over to the plunge pool. There’s a new Kids’ Club where your little ones will squeal with excitement while you de-stress at the spa. Want more? The breath-stealing views alone are hypnotizing. You could sit in front of the dreamy water and crazy blue sky with a drink for hours and not even notice the time.

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