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Beach Lovers’ Mexico Packing List

February 25, 2020 0 Comments

Your Mexico vacay is just around the corner and the countdown is officially on! Time to pack your bags, beach lovers. Here’s our go-to list of essentials you’ll want to add to your Mexico packing list.

1. Passport

Whether it’s your first international vacay or your 10th, forgetting your passport is never a fun realization. To avoid leaving it behind on your trip to Mexico, go ahead and pack this first in an easy-to-reach pocket of your carry-on bag or purse.

2. Sunglasses

While these are a bit obvious, they’re also one of the most common left behind items! Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of sunnies because you’ll need them while you lounge beach or poolside in Cabo or Riviera Maya.

3. Underwater camera or waterproof phone case

Between all of your snorkeling adventures and water sport fun you’re bound to have, a waterproof camera or phone case is always handy to bring along for the best underwater shots–especially if you’re exploring Cozumel’s colorful Mesoamerican Reef!

4. Eco-friendly sunscreen

With Mexico’s year-round sunny weather, it’s important to protect your skin. Opting for a sunscreen that’s non-toxic and reef-friendly can help protect our oceans, too! Here are some ingredients to look out for.

5. Comfortable swimsuit cover-ups

Between exploring different areas of your resort, hidden beaches around Mexico or island hopping on a catamaran (looking at you, Isla Mujeres), you’ll want a cute but comfortable bathing suit cover-up to wear in-between swims.

6. Everyday weather-proof shoes

From exploring the Mayan jungle to hitting the beach, it’s always great to bring a comfortable pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting a little wet or sandy!

7. Bug repellent

Mexico vacays are the best escapes from reality–but unfortunately, mosquitos didn’t get the memo. Pack some eco-friendly bug repellent to help keep you and the fam bite free.

8. Durable beach bag

While you’re lounging beach or poolside, you’ll want a safe little bag or pouch to store your phone and personal belongings in to keep them dry and out of the sun. Pro tip: smaller pouches are often easier to pack than bulkier beach totes.

9. After-sun moisturizer or aloe

One of the most underrated items to pack for a beach vacay is after-sun moisturizer or aloe to help soothe any mild sunburn or dry skin. This is definitely a must-have on your trip to Mexico!

10. Wet swimsuit bag

Got a wet swimsuit to pack in your suitcase? No worries. Make sure to bring a wet swimsuit bag or pouch so nothing else in your bag gets wet. These also come in handy on day adventures, when you’re ready to change out of your bathing suit!

Now that you know what your must-haves are for your Mexico vacay, it’s time to actually start packing! If you need more packing tips and ideas for other beachy destinations, be sure to check out our Caribbean and Central America packing lists!

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