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10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Akumal

June 27, 2018 0 Comments

If you caught our March Deep Dive, you saw the 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba. We’re back again with more awesome Instagram-worthy spots, but this time in the picturesque towns of Akumal and Tulum. Get ready, these Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum are about to blow your mind!

Sunset views from Kin Toh Akumal (@jess_in_bliss)
Kin Toh sunset view Akumal (@diegoharispe)
Kin Toh view sunset Tulum (@acoupleofplaces)

Kin Toh at Azulik

If you’ve looked up spots in Tulum, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this one before. Kin Toh is a restaurant that offers one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum. The seating areas are high above the trees and gives you a direct sight of the sun setting. The cushy, white loungers and delicious food pair up to make this an insanely perfect Instagram-worthy spot.

Smoothie bowl matcha mama tulum (@noordinarynoire)
I love tulum so matcha sign Matcha Mama Tulum (@lindzieloo)
Matcha mama breakfast smoothie bowl tulum (@aidasflaws)

Matcha Mama

If you’ve read about the delicious food at Matcha Mama in Tulum, you just have to know how cute the shop is! The swings right in front of the order window, the giant surf board sign and the powder-soft sand between your toes lends some of the best photos (and food) around! Grab a smoothie bowl and get your Instagram ready!

Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal

Hartwood Restaurant Tulum (Photo by: @masshappynosis)

Hartwood (Restaurant)

Get there early, grab a drink, and snap your pics. Both the entrance and restaurant area are the perfect Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum. You’ll totally want to snap a few shots of all of the gorgeous fruit displayed around the restaurant.

Cute plants at posada Margherita Tulum (@tuluminina)
Posada Margherita pasta tulum (@carolyndnh)
Plants at Posada Margherita Akumal (@kreyol_diva)
Heart door on beach Posada Margherita Akumal (@ks_157)
Yellow door Posada Margherita Akumal (@eli_la_loca)
Heart on beach door Posada Margherita Akumal (@dianebsstuff)
Posada Margherita Tulum (@_andjustbecause)
Cheese and bread plate Posada Margherita (@ibfrank)
Posada Margherita Plants on Shelf Alumal_tulum (@daniellenbonner)

Posada Margherita

This little restaurant is both delicious and absolutely gorgeous! The adorable building, breathtaking beachfront location and all the frills totally makes this an ideal Instagram-worthy spot! The pathway from the restaurant to the beach might be one of the best, most underrated spots at this restaurant to get your Insta shots!

Tulum Express, Tulum, Ruins 3, (Roberto)
Beach and Mayan ruins view tulum (@rosanne.polman)
Tulum Express, Tulum, Ruins 2, (Roberto)
Tulum ruins and beach (

Mayan Ruins of Tulum

This former trading post for neighboring cities and countries is now one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum. You’ll want to try to get there as early as possible to snap a few shots while the sun is still rising and to avoid the crowds. Don’t forget your water bottle and of course, your camera!

Outside Gitano decorated Tulum (@nickcanessa)
Gitano tulum entrance (@lila.avatara) (1)
Eye wall art & I still love you Gitano Tulum (@mylovelycustomer)
Gitano Tulum Drinks - Unicrelle left, Stardust right (@lila.avatara)


Gitano is the kind of place you go to wind down after a serious day of adventuring in Akumal and Tulum. You may come for the delicious cocktails (see Gitano Tulum: Handcrafted Cocktails & Mezcal Bar for more info on those) but you’ll stay for the ultra-trendy decor and super chill vibe. Grab a few pics at the entrance in front of the neon sign before you head inside where the “I still love you” neon sign illuminates the mysterious eye art on the wall. If it’s an outdoor dining experience you’re after, grab a seat on the lush patio and let your camera snap away, because this area is what really landed Gitano on our list of the most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Akumal and Tulum!

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Frozen Mojito by pool UNICO 2087 tulum (@sarahmcole)
Hanging chairs UNICO 2087 Akumal (@ehrie)
UNICO, lobby (1)
Path to ocean UNICO 2087 tulum (@skylyfetravel)

UNICO 20°87°

This resort is one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum. The lobby is the kind of things people dream about. With giant lanterns suspended from the ceiling, giant palms and gorgeous seating areas, the lobby of UNICO 20°87° is just to die for. One of our other favorite spots is the wooden pathway to the beach. With views of the ocean from the start of the pathway, this spot is the perfect backdrop for a couple Insta shots!

La buena vida swings Akumal (@maeberlin)

La Buena Vida

This spot is literally a treehouse… Do we need to say anymore? Didn’t think so. La Buena Vida is one of our favorite places in Instagram-worthy spots in Akumal and Tulum, not only because they have tasty food but because they have a few awesome areas to get amazing shots for your Instagram. Some of our favorites include the stairs up to the tree house, the swings right at the bar, and of course, the cocktails!

Bar and restaurant view The real coconut akumal (@keeplefttravel)
Lunch at The Real coconut Akumal (@j.britt154)
Breakfast at The Real Coconut Tulum (@africasadventures)
Beach view at The Real Coconut Tulum (@rushhrhandles)

The Real Coconut

The Real Coconut lands a spot on our list not because of their all-natural food, but because the restaurant is so stinkin’ cute!

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