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Insider’s Look at Jamaica

February 21, 2020 0 Comments

From long stretches of pristine, white sand beaches to lush mountain ranges, Jamaica is without a doubt one of the most stunning island destinations in the Caribbean. Its tropical climate and breathtaking beaches, alone, are enough reasons for everyone to add Jamaica to their bucket list, ASAP. But before you go, here are few insider things to know when planning your trip to Jamaica .

Jamaica travel is best during the winter and spring

Beach lovers can only be without the beach and warm weather for so long. The most popular time for Jamaica travel is during the mid-winter months and into spring, from January until around May. The temps in Jamaica during these times will typically hang out anywhere between 75 to 85 degrees, perfect for lounging on the beaches all day long or venturing into the lush mountains.

Although you’ll run into a few more rain showers in April and May, attractions like beachfront golf courses and Negril’s Seven Mile Beach will be much less crowded. For the lowest prices on all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica, though, your best bet is to travel in November through mid-December–but make sure to avoid major holiday weekends! 

The beach at Breathless Montego Bay is the perfect spot for a winter escape! (Photo by: @lisa_telisa)

The island is full of rich history

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica wasn’t always the calm, laid-back and free-spirited country it is today, and whose proud official motto is “Out of many, one people.” After more than two centuries of hardships, prosperity, growth and determination, Jamaica has become one of the most sought-after and loved vacation destinations in the world!

To get an inside look at Jamaica’s history, you have to add these historical sights and museums to your list of things to do on your Jamaica getaway:

  • Seville Heritage Park in St. Anne’s Bay
  • The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Bob Marley Museum in Kingston
  • The Rose Hall Great House (if you’re into haunted ghost tours!)
  • Port Royal
  • Firefly Estate
  • Devon House Mansion (a great place to visit with the fam!)
  • Discovery Bay

…and clearly the list could go on!

Locals truly embrace their vibrant culture

With soft rhythms of reggae woven in the warm sea breeze, it’s hard not to leave your worries behind and soak in the island’s welcoming culture from the moment you arrive in Jamaica. With an innate sense of hospitality, the locals are always quick to tell you all the things about their magical island to help make you feel welcome. Get the most from your Jamaica getaway by hanging with the locals at popular hotspots like Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant & Bar on the north coast (a must!) or Flavours Beach Bar & Restaurant in Runaway Bay, where you’ll get a taste of authentic cuisine, delicious cocktails and lively local culture.

Jamaican culture is all around the island, including resorts like Melia Braco Village!  (Photo by: @_thetravelingcupkate)

You won’t need a visa for your trip to Jamaica

Unless you plan on taking a 90+ day hiatus from reality (we wish!), you won’t need anything but your valid passport to get to Jamaica. If you’re traveling to Jamaica on a cruise, we’d still recommend you bringing your passport along, just in case. Read more about completing your Jamaica immigration forms when you arrive at the airport.

A Jamaica vacation is the getaway you didn’t know you needed

Whether you’re craving a few laid-back days of lounging on the soft white sand or quality time with nature by exploring the island’s lush Blue Mountain Range, Jamaica is the perfect tropical getaway for every traveler. With a trip to Jamaica, you can experience the Caribbean island’s vibrant culture, unique history, friendly hospitality, untouched nature, incredible nightlife and breathtaking beaches–you’ll truly have it all!

What to expect from your trip to Jamaica

The sunsets from Montego Bay are pretty magical too! 😉 (Photo by:

Ready to start planning your much-needed Caribbean getaway? Jamaica is the perfect spot to relax and unwind or explore and be adventurous. Check out Jamaica’s hottest all-inclusive resorts, plus these incredible beach vacation deals we have going on right now.

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