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Heads up seafood lovers: Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill in San Pedro, Belize, is one of the best places on the beach planet to savor this delectable appetizer. Why do we say this? Simple. This epicenter of seafood goodness is only situated over the water, but also has the largest reef in the Caribbean literally within sight. Can you say off-the-charts delish? We sure can.

ceviche hurricane's bar and grill san pedro belize

(Ceviche, Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill, San Pedro, Belize, photo by: .)

It’s Ceviche Central

Their signature and namesake dish, ceviche, is divine. For those of you who don’t know this aahmazing food, you’re missing out. It’s a fresh mix of raw seafood that is chunked and marinated with lemon and lime juice, which “scorches” the flesh a tender white. Fresh veggies like onions, tomatoes and cilantro are thrown for in color and extra kick. They also serve octopus ceviche for those with an adventurous palate. For the more traditional, but those who like a change, there’s shrimp ceviche. You can enjoy it spicy or non-spicy. But pair it with corn tortillas. You’ll fall in love. But speaking of crushing on the fare at Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill, their margaritas are spectacular, especially with a side of a gorgeous Belizean sunset.

Sunset Margaritas, Hurricanes Ceviche Bar, San Pedro, Belize

(Sunset Margaritas, Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar, San Pedro, Belize, photo by:

More Delish Fish

With fisherman unloading right at the dock, they serve up other scrumptious fare that’s well worth diving into. In addition to delectable specials, there are three kinds of lobster dishes: lambada lobster, Caribbean lobster and lobster kabob. Tantalizing pasta dishes. Yummy salads that you can add a protein to – fish (of course), shrimp, lobster or chicken. Other mentionables include snapper, grouper, baked hogfish, blackened fillets, conch, fish tacos and even burgers, chicken and fries. They have “starch” sides like fried plantains, as well as regular sides like red beans and rice, and coconut white rice.

Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill is accessible by boat and just a seashell’s throw away from the airport. The views are epic and they’ve got a full bar. But again, there’s more: milkshakes, one that’s papaya, plus all kind of “coladas,” i.e. mango coladas and a mudslide. Not to be left out are the shots, and the local favs – the rum punch and Panty Ripper.

Get into the Swim

Has Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill blown out of the water? We suspected as much. So, if your taste buds for this outstanding grub at Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar and Grill in San Pedro, Belize, won’t stop lobbying for a trip to to this dreamy eatery (and country), then the next step is to pick up the phone. Call 1-800-915-3162 and talk to one of our sea-phisticated Beachologists who will book you in right away on an all-inclusive vacation package to San Pedro, Belize. Or any of our other dreamtastic beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico. If you want to check out more of our sandsational vacation packages to the Caribbean and Mexico on your own time, go here.  We know you’ve got an appetite for beach and we’re here to satisfy.

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