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Top 5 Ways to Keep the Sand in Check on a Romantic Getaway

February 12, 2016 0 Comments

Oh sand. You lure us and then you annoy us. We love you and then we get fussy. But when it comes to a romantic getaway aka tete a tete, we feel we need to impose some boundaries. Set down some guidelines – rules –  for us to play nice together. So here are top 5 ways to keep the sand in check on a romantic getaway, when you’re canoodling oceanside.

1. Buy a Ginormous Beach Towel/Blanket. This is a critical component for setting the stage, clearing a path, for the both of you to relax and be in the moment. This way, when you rustle around, you won’t roll over into the ubiquitous sand, then bring it back onto the playing field. Oh, you say you need one? So glad you asked. Before you go on your romantic beach getaway in the Caribbean or Mexico, get one now at The Sand Shack.

Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach

(Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach, Los Cabos, Mexico, photo by: S. Daniels.)

2. Secure a Big Beach Umbrella. This will not only block the blowing sand, but also will act as a screen, behind which you can descend into your own Private Idaho during your romantic beach getaway in the Caribbean or Mexico.

3. Take Along Handi-Wipes. We know, the word “wipes” itself is unsavory, but having sand all over your person and having nothing to remove it is worse. Or so we think. One little swoop down your legs and arms with these little darlings, and your skin is soft and approachable for affection. When getting up close and personal, having sand in your mouth (or anywhere else) is not pretty.

4. Bring Along Baby Powder. This is a necessary ingredient for removing sand from your feet. Whether you’re just back in your room or about to go beddy bye and get snuggly, just sprinkle it on your tootsies, and voila, it’s gone.

5. Stay in Your Room. And order room service. Or go to the pool. Limit your time on the sand. This way, you’ll be clean, sand-free and ready to go, wherever it is that you’re going, if you know what we mean.

If want sand between your toes this instant, just dial 1-800-915-3162 and talk to one of our Beachologists, who will set up the beyond perfect esacape for you and your beloved. Or you can do your own research for your romantic getaway in the Caribbean and Mexico here.

No matter what you do, remember, we’re here to facilitate a memorable romantic beach getaway to Mexico or the Caribbean that the two of you will talk about for years to come in your rocking chairs on your porch. Don’t wait to book. When the temperature’s rising, (and we’re not talking about those situations caused by the sun), you must seize the moment.

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