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If you want to get your Cabo vacay off to a flying start, then the paragliding trike is for you. Basically a hang glider with a motor, it’s a one of the most thrilling excursions you can do. You’ll get breath-stealing views of the water, the mountains and everything else in between like Medano Beach, Land’s End aka El Arco, Chileno Bay, the Corridor, Santa Maria Bay, all the hotels and villas that line the coast, along with a few seagulls who might even escort you back home.

Cabo Sky Tour, paragliding trike, Los Cabos, Mexico

(Cabo Sky Tour, paragliding trike, Los Cabos, Mexico, photo by:

You’ll wear goggles and you’ll have a seat belt, thankfully. If you want to bring your camera, you can do that. Just make sure you hold on to it tight. You wouldn’t want to drop it. Apply that sunscreen. Even though you do want some Vitamin D, you don’t want to get burned.

Ask the concierge at your hotel and you’ll be up in the air before you know it. Seeing the beauty of Cabo while you sail over it safely positioned on a paragliding trike is more than thrilling. We’re not sure we have words to adequately capture the feeling. But we’ll do this excursion over and over until we can come up with them.

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