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Fork Yeah! Let’s Grub in Central America

November 15, 2021 0 Comments

Foodies, unite! We’ve been craving something delicious lately, and we figured Central America was just the place to find it. Luckily for us (and more importantly, you), we know the way to chow-town—and we think you’ll like what we find along the way. Come with us and discover our picks for the best food and drinks in Central America. We saved a spot at the table just for you!

Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Photo by @beatofmytravel

When it comes to popular foods, these two destinations go together like peanut butter and jelly! Ok, so it’s not a sandwich they have in common. It’s actually rice and beans. You get where we were going with that one, right?

Gallo Pinto is a popular dish that combines onions, bell peppers and seasonings into one yummy dish. Order it for breakfast and have it served with a fried egg on top, enjoy it as a side dish with dinner or just order it on its own. Trust us, it’s that good.

Need something to wash it all down? If you’re in Costa Rica, get yourself some guaro, a liquor that’s petty similar to vodka. For a spicy sip, order Chiliguaro, a muy caliente mixture of lime, hot sauce, and—you guessed it—guaro.

Over in Nicaragua, you’ll be sipping on Macuá, a delicious white rum cocktail blended with fruit juice. And since it’s the area’s national drink, you’ll know you’re getting an true taste of this amazing destination. Bottoms up!


Photo by @foods_cali

Since we’re all about authentic eats, how about some Sancocho? Panama knows how to do chicken soup right, and that’s exactly what Sancocho is—a light but filling chicken soup that combines veggies like yucca and plantains with seasonings and hot sauce. Whether you have a hangover, a bad cold or you just want something warm and soothing, this national dish aims to please.

If you have drinks on the brain, you’ll love sipping on a Panamanian Rum Punch. This popular cocktail is a perfect mixture of sweet and sour. It’s strong, served over ice and will have you feeling extra nice. Go ahead and order another, we won’t tell.


Photo by @jackie.wiafe

Is your mouth watering yet? If not, then it’s about to! Belize has some seriously tasty dishes to choose from, but our personal favorite is Stew Chicken. Picture it: flavorful pieces of chicken marinated in local spices and cooked in broth. Each plate is then topped off with a side of rice, beans and potato salad. Be right back, we’re off to find some!

Just kidding, we can’t leave you drinkless. You’ll have a lot of options for fruit juices while you’re in Belize, so go ahead and try a limeade. If that’s not your style, and you want something a little creamier, opt for a seaweed shake. This sweet, refreshing sip is blended with seaweed, condensed milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. If you’re feeling fancy, add a shot of rum.

Now that you know what to grub on in Central America, it’s time to start making a bucket list and eating your way through your favorite destination. Find yours today and start exploring!

Lauren Fritz