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Girls’ Getaway in Bermuda

September 25, 2018 0 Comments

In this month’s deep dive in to Bermuda, we’re sharing our first CheapCaribbean collaboration post. Anna from Come Join My Journey, who went on our Vacation Envy trip to Bermuda earlier this year, is sharing about her favorite things to do on a girls’ getaway in Bermuda.


My name is Anna from Come Join My Journey, where I write about my travels near and far! I recently traveled to Bermuda with Cheap Caribbean on the Vacation Envy trip, where I had the chance to explore the island with some amazing girls. We discovered the most Instagrammable spots, best beaches and pastel buildings that Bermuda has to offer.

When planning the perfect girls’ getaway, look no further than Bermuda. Bermuda, the tiny island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is the ideal spot for your next trip. The crystal clear water and pink sand beaches will have you booking your trip in no time. Bermuda prescribes to Island Time, allowing you to slow down and enjoy your time with friends. The slower pace is perfect for relaxing at the beach, having leisurely meals and meandering through town. So tell your friends, pack your bags, grab your passport and prepare yourself for a trip you will never forget!

Girls Getaway Bermuda


Perfect Girls’ Getaway Location

Bermuda is a quick two hour flight from NYC, making it the perfect spot for a girls’ getaway. You can easily fly down for a long weekend of exploring. In no time, you will be scouring the island for the best beaches. Due to its prime location in the Atlantic Ocean, the water is crystal clear in Bermuda.

Girls Getaway Bermuda


Beautiful Beaches

Sunbathing and swimming are some of the best ways to bound with your girlfriends. And there are a plethora of beaches across the island where you can do just that!  Head to Horseshoe Bay Beach or Jobson’s Cove if you’re looking for a beautiful place to swim. Don’t forget your camera, as these Bermuda beaches are extremely photo-worthy and there is nothing more fun than having a playful photoshoot in paradise.

Pastel Painted Towns

There are countless places in Bermuda to explore with your girls! In addition to the beautiful beaches, there’s the charming Flatts Villages and St. George’s Parish. Flatts Village is ideal for a relaxing stop, while St. George’s will keep you exploring all afternoon. No matter where you go in Bermuda, you are sure to find stunning pastel painted buildings. Bermuda is a pastel paradise that has girls’ getaway written all over it!

Girls Getaway Bermuda


Stunning Sunsets

Reflect and appreciate each moment of your girls getaway in Bermuda by finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset. There are so many great sunset spots that the only hard part is choosing which ones! Great sunsets can be see from the pink sandy shores of Elbow Beach and the rugged cliffs of Abott’s Cliff. No matter where you catch the sunset, you are bound to have a great experience of a lifetime in Bermuda.

You can read so much more about Bermuda in this month’s Bermuda Deep Dive! If Anna has you convinced on planning your next girls getaway in Bermuda, take a peek at some of the stunning resorts we offer in Bermuda, or enjoy the beautiful Hamilton Princess Resort, like Anna did!

Anna Hammerschmidt