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Get to Know the Gulf of Nicoya

January 7, 2022 0 Comments

We all know the legendary tale of the Fountain of Youth, but have you heard of the powers of a “Blue Zone”? Well, let us introduce you to the Gulf of Nicoya, one of the world’s five blue zones–a region where people live exceptionally long lives due to their lifestyle choices. We’re talking lifespans well over 90 and 100-years-old, so they’re obviously doing something right!

It definitely doesn’t hurt that this place is a scenic and serene slice of paradise, too. Its lush mountains, volcanic sands and deep Pacific blue hues are the breath of fresh air we all need, so take this as your sign that you need to get down to the Gulf of Nicoya ASAP. Here’s everything you need to know about planning a vacay to this gorgeous beach haven.

When to Go

As with most destinations in Costa Rica, you have to take into account whether you want to visit during the dry season or green season. During the dry season, you can soak up the sun and enjoy beaming sunshine along the Gulf of Nicoya, but you should also expect more crowds and higher room rates. The green season lasts from May to November, and although most days do see some sort of rainfall, most mornings are bright and sunny. Plus, you’ll also score some green-season discounts at the hotels. Pick your poison!

What We Love

Visiting during the dry season does have some perks–the whale-watching is incredible! Bahia Ballena, aka “Whale Bay,” is in the shape of a whale tail off the coast of Puntarenas, and it just so happens to be a hot spot for whales to migrate to each year. Hop on a whale-watching cruise and see these magnificent mammals do their thing!

Photo by @dray_05

Whales aren’t the only ones who love the Gulf of Nicoya–it’s an international hotspot for the surfing community, too. Surfers love to catch a wave along the gulf’s many remote, uncrowded beaches before heading to poppin’ towns like Jacó for a gnarly post-surf celebration. There are also tons of lessons in town so you can sharpen your surf skills AND party with the professionals!

Where to Stay

There are tons of amazing beach resorts in Costa Rica, but if you’re looking for some all-inclusive luxury in the Gulf of Nicoya, then Barceló Tambor is the resort for you! You can lounge on a secluded beach overlooking Bahia Ballena and enjoy bottomless drinks and endless eats. After all, a margarita a day keeps the doctor away, right? Maybe that’s the true secret to the region’s Blue Zone status!

Want to try out the Nicoya lifestyle for yourself? Let us help you get there. Check out all the best deals to the Gulf of Nicoya and you’ll be living “la Pura Vida” in no time!

Kennedy Stadler