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Flexible Payment Options

March 2, 2018 0 Comments

Paying for a beach vacay shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from booking the trip of a lifetime. offers flexible payment options that make it easy to book without the stress of money holding you back.

The first option is a Split Payment.

When looking to split up the payment, whether it be when paying in full or when paying a deposit, you will want to look for the “Pay with Multiple Cards” button. This will expand the field and give you another area to input a second, third or fourth credit card.

Another option is Paying a Deposit.

Once you’ve settled on the details of your trip and reach the payment page, under the bar titled “How Would You Like To Pay” are two options, pay the full amount or pay the deposit. Making a deposit allows you to pay for part of your trip upfront, while paying for the rest 21 days before your departure date. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that simple.

The third option is Monthly Payments. 

Our newest payment method, through Uplift, allows you to travel now and pay as you go, even after your getaway. The monthly payments offer the opportunity to break up the initial price into 12 easy installments, giving you the ability to still make payments even after your vacay and lock in the best prices without the stress of the full price upfront.*

The final option is Gift Cards.

You can give the gift of a beach vacay, or if you’re lucky enough, receive the gift of a beach vacay! These don’t expire, so feel free to save it for the perfect moment to escape. Gift cards can be purchased through our Beachologists by calling 800-915-2322.

Ultimately, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to jet off to the getaway of your dreams. Now that you know all the ways you can pay, check out our all-inclusive getaways all the way from Los Cabos to the Cayman Islands.


*Rates may range from 7% to 36%. Eligibility and loan terms based on credit and other factors. All loans issued by CBW Bank of Weir, KS, Member of FDIC. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use.

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