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The Exumas: The Land of Peace and Plenty

February 23, 2022 0 Comments

How exactly does a place earn the nickname, “The Land of Peace and Plenty”? For starters, the beaches practically ooze tranquility–you would probably need an entire encyclopedia dedicated to different shades of blue to describe the mesmerizing shores of the Exumas–and with 365 islands and cays to choose from, the options for exploration are always plentiful!

Coco Plum Beach

Photo by @alohaa_jana

This off-the-beaten-path paradise sits off the northeastern coast of Great Exuma, but it’s made quite a name for itself in the world of Instagram. The beach’s wooden swings were initially planted there for the infamous Fyre Festival (does anyone remember that epic fail?), but today, True Beach Lovers love to take a seat, pose and splash around in its shallow shores. It’s also the perfect spot for a day of picnicking, lounging under its palm-studded beaches and—if you hit it at low tide—collecting some sand dollars and shells!

Chat ‘N’ Chill

Photo by @rrrrhouse

The name says it all–this barefoot beach bar is the ultimate place to drink a cold beer, munch on some conch salad and have a good time! Located on Stocking Island, this iconic spot has been loved by travelers near and far since 1998. Their authentic Bahamian Sunday pig roast is a massive hit with live music, island drinks and sand volleyball tournaments. Plus, you can explore neighboring cays and feed stingrays. It’s a must-see in the Exumas.

Swim with the Pigs

Photo by @brittbrescia

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons folks visit the Exumas is to swim with the adorable locals. No one’s quite sure how the pigs ended up in the Bahamas, but they’ve undoubtedly made themselves at home in Exumas’ Big Major Cay! You can take a boat out to Pig Beach, swim with the piggies and have an oinkin’ good time.

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Kennedy Stadler