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Experience Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

October 22, 2019 0 Comments

Puerto Vallarta has it all– beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, exquisite food and an exciting nightlife! If you want to lounge with a martini in hand or dance till the sun comes up, you can enjoy something different each night in PV.

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s can be found many places around the world, but Puerto Vallarta’s just feels a little different. With tasty drinks and a fun, witty atmosphere, this is a must stop to bring the fam for dinner, but the real fun happens after the kids leave. With a welcoming, upbeat, outdoor environment, you’ll enjoy spending the night dancing away with a margarita in hand.

Man raising glass in front of crowd with Mexican flag on his back.

Raise a glass to friends, fun and margaritas! (Photo by: @charlygram6)

Andale’s Restaurant & Bar

While Andale’s is primarily a restaurant, you won’t want to miss out on the all-night fun here. Made famous thanks to Real Housewives of Orange County, this local joint not only offers up delicious food but also superb drinks. If clubs aren’t your scene but you’re still wanting an exciting night out, Andale’s gives you the best of both worlds. Also, did we mention that the margaritas are the size of your head?

Bar Morelos Mezcaleria

If you’re looking to get dressed up and spend a night on the town, Bar Morelos Mezcaleria should be one of your first stops. With beautiful chandeliers and a lounge-style atmosphere, you’ll enjoy sipping on their hand-crafted cocktails and listening to live music. And for all you mezcal enthusiasts, you’ll find one of the widest selections in all of Mexico!

Room with chandelier, disco ball and hanging lights.

If there’s a disco ball, we’ll be there! (Photo by: @pink_mimosas_)


For those wanting to dance the night away ‘til the wee hours of the morning, check out Strana for your nightlife vibes. This spot includes an amazing light show, fun DJs, excellent service and delicious drinks, so you’ll feel like royalty at this popular space. If you’re wanting to feel less like a tourist, know that this bar is often frequented by locals, making for an authentic night out in PV.

Twisted Palms Rooftop Bar

Known for having some of the best mixed drinks in PV, Twisted Palms is a must-see spot. Whether you start your night here or end up at the cozy bar the whole night, you’ll love the friendly atmosphere in the midst of Puerto Vallarta’s wild nightlife scene. Frequented by many visitors, you’re likely to even make a few new friends on the rooftop.

Martini on bar with bartender in background.

Martini? Yes, please! (Photo by: @wanderingbites)

Whatever your nightlife vibe is, Puerto Vallarta has a place for you. Before you step out onto the town, be sure to check out some of Puerto Vallarta’s best restaurants to find the best place to chow down on your next all-inclusive vacay.

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