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6 Kinds of Eco-Friendly Travel Gear That Will Save Some Green

August 4, 2016 0 Comments

Hey beach lover! Guess what? You’ve completed the hard part of searching through hundreds of suntastic options for your next vacation to the Caribbean and it’s finally time to grab a margarita and hit the beach. We want to keep the beach looking stunning and sandsational, as I’m sure you do, too. That’s why we’re giving you the run-down on easy and affordable ways to help keep our oceans blue and your wallets green, because the opposite sounds like a recipe for disaster (and we prefer recipes for mojitos). Check out out list of eco-friendly travel accessories that you won’t want to leave home without.

1. Buy Luggage/Bags that Won’t Muck Up the Planet. Every trip to the beach begins with packing. Your job is already preeetty easy cause all you gotta do is throw some bathing suits and cover up in a bag. But what bag do you use? Eagle Creek luggage is sturdy, durable, and it’s made sustainably. The luggage also offers features such as shoe compartments and multiple handles for easy grabbing at baggage claim so you can get to the beach fast. Looking for a shoulder pack or backpack for an aahh-mazing hike along the coast? Osprey Packs offer a variety of bags to feed the needs of every traveler. Need a small bag to hold your essentials when you’re sunbathing on the beach? The Gallon RePac Bag from Re-Pac Bags offers you space to store your sunglasses, sunscreen, makeup and other necessities. The best part? It’s only $10 and is resistant to leaking, water, stains, and is quick to dry, so it’s perfect for those long days by the water. Of our top 6 recs for eco-friendly gear, these bags are definitely one of the best.

Beach at Breathless Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

(Beach at Breathless Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Photo by: @bekaaaaaa_xo)

2. Get Tan While Being Green. The only red you should be seeing on your trip is in the sunsets and fish – definitely not on your body. Unfortunately, studies claim that sunscreen is harmful to the ocean. No one wants to hurt the fishies, so Surf-vival Mineral Sunscreen (just $15) is here to save the day. This 30+ sunscreen is made with zinc and contains none of the ingredients that bleaches the coral reefs so there won’t be a film on the ocean or your goggles.

Dog on the beach, St. Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico

(Dog on the beach, St. Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico, Photo by: @lovely.nuna)

3. Carry your Doggy in Eco-Friendly Pet Carriers. Does Sunny want to enjoy long runs on the beach as well? Fear not! He can come along, too, AND (best part) there is a cheap and environmentally-friendly way he can get into the swim of things. Earth Doggy has a variety of pet travel carriers, ranging from $45 to $68. The carriers come in duffle bag or shoulder bag style, which includes a blanket, fleece pad, and travel bowl. These stylish carriers are made from organic denim, recycled nylon or hemp making your dog the trendiest dog on the sand. When gathering our eco-friendly travel accessories, we just had to include something for our furry children.

4. Drink Clean Water from Filtered, Re-Usable Bottles. Okay, let’s be real. We know there can be icky things in foreign water and to avoid spending a day in the room hugging the toilet instead of hugging your cocktail by the pool, stick to filtered water. Skip the water bottles and buy a re-usable plastic water bottle with a filter. There are plenty of beachariffic options and they’re also are much cheaper than paying $3.00 for a bottle of water. Bobble water bottle ($11-$15) gives you three size options and multiple color choices. The Camelbak Groove ($16-$22) is a durable choice with a spill-proof bite valve that will make sure the only splash you make is in the pool. The Hydros water bottle ($25) has a side opening, so it is easy to fill at taps or water fountains and then the filter gets to work making it safe for you to drink. And if carrying a water bottle isn’t your style and you’d prefer to hold a margarita in your hand, purchase a SteriPen Traveler ($55) to get purified water in under a minute. When you’ve got eco-friendly travel accessories like these, you can stay hydrated all day long and keep the par-tay going.

Margarita, Secrets The Vine pool, Mexico

(Margarita, Secrets The Vine pool, Mexico, Photo by: @twinspired_)

5. Save Money & Our Beaches with These Speakers. The party never stops when you’re on vacation, so and whether you’re the type to swim to some EDM or chillax with a little Jack Johnson, speakers are always a good call. Get the party started with an eco-amp by Eco Made. These $10 amps (yes, we said only $10) are constructed out of renewable paper materials and offer a wide variety of designs so every type of music lover can enjoy. But most importantly, eco-amps come in flat packages. You can throw them in your bag and assemble them when you want to listen. Of the top 6 examples of eco-friendly travel accessories we’ve assembled, this find might be the most fun.

6. Wear Hipster Clothes That’ll Make You – and Not the Planet – Hot. Travel light and stay in style thanks to This sustainable fashion boutique offers a number of fantabulous multi-purpose pieces such as the $60 Jenny Dress, the $55 5-Ways Maxi Dress, and the $110 Versalette, which can be worn two, five and thirty different ways, respectively. This means, theoretically, (let’s be real ladies you will still have a 50 lbs. suitcase) you could wear one dress the whole trip, keeping the world green.  Fashionistas, next time you have the urge to shop (which is like always, right?), give our eco-friendly accessories gear a looksee and grab these stylin’ frocks.

Water, Westin Grand Cayman

(Water, Westin Grand Cayman, Photo by: @akripley)

These top 6 examples of eco-friendly travel gear actually help the planet and are longing to go with you on your next beach vacay. All you have to do is call 1-800-915-2322 and one of our sun-savvy Beachologists will help you save time searching and find the vacation package that’s perfect for you. If you already have your dream spot in mind, click here to peruse the lay of the sand. The Relaxation Captain is calling your name, so grab your eco-friendly travel accessories and get going!

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