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Things to Know When Traveling to the Dominican Republic

January 9, 2020 0 Comments

Known for its pristine coastlines, vibrant culture and unique places to explore, it’s no secret why the Dominican Republic is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach getaway with your fam, a girl’s trip or even a destination wedding, Dominican Republic travel is always a good idea–from La Romana to Punta Cana. If you’re still undecided or just starting to plan your beach vacay, here are a few things to know when traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic travel is best from December to April

To avoid unruly weather conditions and the dreaded hurricane season, it’s best to visit the Dominican Republic during the winter and early spring months. While prices may be a little higher on flights and hotels, since this is considered peak season, the warm and sunny afternoons spent on the beach and exploring the tropical country are well worth every penny. However, if crowds and higher prices aren’t your thing, traveling between March and May is also a good time to visit the DR if you don’t mind some afternoon showers during your vacay.

Long walks on Api Beach in Cap Cana are a MUST! (Photo by: @busracif)

Tourist visas are now included when you book your flights

Not long ago, you may have heard some buzz around having to purchase a $10 tourist card before traveling to the Dominican Republic. Prior to April 2018, yes, you would have needed to do so. Thankfully, all airline purchases now include the $10 tourist fee–so, not need to worry about purchasing a separate tourist visa! This new process has helped make the customs/immigration process much faster and easier for travelers, since they no longer have to make this purchase upon arrival. Read more about filling out your Dominican Republic customs forms.

(Photo by: @mscarolinao)

Avoid drinking tap water

Let’s face it, no one likes getting sick on vacay. While it’s generally safe to gargle some water while you brush your teeth, we recommend avoiding consuming any tap water while traveling in the Dominican Republic. A safe bet is to only purchase bottles of water, or a gallon or two that you can then share with the fam and pour into your own reusable water bottles (because, ya know, eco-tourism) to carry with you on your adventures.

Punta Cana is dedicated to every traveler’s safety

While you plan your next vacay in Punta Cana, one of the top beach destinations in the Dominican Republic, we want you to know that you’ll be safe and secure while traveling. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that True Beach Lovers continue to receive the highest levels of service they have come to know and expect from us, CheapCaribbean is proud to support the Punta Cana Promise.

The Punta Cana Promise reaffirms the commitment of Punta Cana hotels to a set of security standards in one of the safest spots in the Caribbean. You’ll find comfort in knowing that:

  • Properties are self-contained and provide 24-hour security and medical assistance
  • Food and beverage offerings come only from reputable, trusted vendor partners and are all carefully checked and inspected before being served at any property, in accordance with global food safety management standards
  • Employees all undergo rigorous background checks, screening, and training
  • High staff-to-guest ratios ensure that every guest receives the attention, service, and security they expect and deserve
  • Properties not only meet but also exceed tourism and hospitality regulations and guidelines
  • Hotel-affiliated vacation activities and excursions are provided exclusively by reputable partners who are all licensed and insured
  • Properties are each united in the oversight and delivery of the Punta Cana Promise
  • Hotels will provide safety information and phone numbers to all guests upon check-in

Find out which CheapCaribbean resorts are dedicated to fulfilling the Punta Cana Promise.

Paradise awaits at Riu Republica. (Photo by: @paulroo21)

When it comes to the Dominican Republic, there’s never a shortage of fun and exciting things to do–whether it’s day cruising to nearby Saona Island or exploring coffee plantations in the countryside. Ready to jet off to paradise? Take a look at these fantastic travel deals on all-inclusive beach vacations to the Dominican Republic.

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