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Layered Sand Succulent Garden

January 24, 2018 0 Comments

With succulents popping up everywhere now-a-days, everyone wants a succulent garden of their own. They are so stylish, but often times, live succulents are hard to keep alive.  Our layered sand succulent garden is made with artificial succulents, and requires absolutely no upkeep! What better way to hop on the trend than with a sand succulent garden of your own, that requires no maintenance at all? Here’s how you make it:


Materials for a layered sand succulent garden:

  • Colored sand (we used white, coral, and turquoise)
  • Glass vase
  • 3 or 4 artificial succulents (Varying sizes)
  • Decorative stones

Instructions for a layered sand succulent garden:

  1. Gather materials and prep your workspace.
  2. Pour alternating colors of sand in to the glass vase. Be sure to pour varying amounts of sand on different sides of the vase with your alternating colors of sand, to create a fun layered look.
  3. Arrange the succulents by placing them stem in to sand.
  4. Top with decorative stones, placing them around the base of the succulents.
  5. Style it on your favorite shelf!

Creating a layered sand succulent doesn’t have to be hard at all! If you’re feeling beachy and are looking for more beach themed crafts, head over to our crafts page to check out some of our favorite beachy crafts!



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