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Things to Discover in Riviera Maya & Cancun

February 14, 2020 0 Comments

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is home to both Riviera Maya and Cancun. While the two are separate areas, they both have loads of places to explore and things to do, and the good thing is they aren’t far from each other. Whether you want to discover unknown spots or live it up every night, you’ll find it all in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Swim with sea turtles in Akumal

Akumal, also known as the Place of the Turtle, sits in the region of Riviera Maya. With white sand beaches and bright blue waters teeming with sea turtles, this is a place you don’t want to miss. Whether you snorkel alongside these majestic creatures or enjoy the secluded beaches, venturing down to this chill spot is totally worth it.

Visit Mayan ruins

Mayan culture remains prevalent throughout this part of Mexico. Head to Chicén Itzá for a history lesson that will introduce you to ruins dating back thousands of years. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, explore the Mayan ruins in Tulum: located on dramatic cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it’s a site that will wow you.

Take a ferry to Isla Mujeres

Sitting right off the coast of Cancun, you can take a quick ferry ride over to the intimate island of Isla Mujeres. Free from dozens of resorts lining its shores, you’ll find this gorgeous spot is popular among tourists. If you’re wanting to enjoy the fun party life of Cancun but still want to relax, Isla Mujeres is the perfect day trip to escape the craziness of the Hotel Zone.

Get a smoothie bowl at Matcha Mama

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram, but we’re here to tell you it’s worth the hype. This bohemian café located in Tulum serves up fresh matcha and smoothie bowls that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. The adorable set up is enough to want to go, but the food and drinks make it even better. Welcome to your boho heaven!

Live it up in the Hotel Zone

Cancun is known for some pretty great nightlife, and it definitely lives up to its reputation. Most of the hotels in Cancun are located in this area, but so is much of the nightlife. If you’re wanting the ultimate Cancun experience you’ve always heard about, it’s definitely worth staying in the Hotel Zone or at least checking it out for a night.

Swim in the cenotes

With thousands of cenotes dotting Riviera Maya, it’s hard to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into another world as you explore these freshwater caves/sinkholes. The ocean is pretty, but this unique experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever done. Get ready to escape reality as you dive into the world of cenotes.

There’s a reason Cancun and Riviera Maya are among the most popular travel destinations. From the beautiful beachfronts to the thrilling adventures, you won’t want to miss an all-inclusive vacay to these dreamy destinations.

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