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The Love Bar, a quintessential beach bar, where you can find delicious food, a laid-back vibe, good music and the friendliest folks, is a definite must while you’re in St. Martin. Located on Grand Case Beach on the French side of St. Martin, this oceanfront oasis is the spot for some serious island chilling and cocktail swirling while you take in the postcard perfect views. You’ll want to stay here awhile.

The Love Bar serves up a delicious menu, featuring a full breakfast, salads, pizzas, cheeses and an array of casual fare. Of course, a variety of refreshing spirits – Champagne, wines, beers, crafted cocktails and lots of rums – flow freely. Ask to sample some of the rums. You’ll find many different flavors to taste-test: spiced or fruity, dark or light. But the real cocktail kicker here is what we shall call – “the house special.” This delectable concoction is rum + centipedes, added for extra flavor. To get the full affect, the centipedes must be alive and as they are dying, they spit venom into the rum. A bit daring, to say the least, but it’s said to be an aphrodisiac. Feel the love.

Your bar hopping tour will likely end at the Love Bar. Make sure you sign the Wall of Love before heading out. And as the French would say, “à ta santé” (all the best.)

Love Wall at the Love Bar

(Love Wall at the Love Bar, St. Martin, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.

August 24, 2017

A True Beach Lover