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Tucked into Costa Rica’s rolling countryside is the quaintest Italian restaurant. It’s secluded and hard to find (be prepared to travel down a dirt road before stumbling upon this hidden gem), but once you walk into Villa Italia, you’re welcomed with warm aromas and an ambiance reminiscent of Italy.

Dining area

(Dining area, Costa Rica, Photo by J. Clegg.)

The husband and wife team  – she is the chef, he is the sommelier – will ensure your homemade pastas are brimming with flavors and that your wine is never empty. While homemade pastas are the way to go (def recommend the ravioli!), the menu also features carefully selected meats and seafood. All kind of delizioso cuisines.


The decor is chic and hip, yet cozy, and the portion sizes are just right. The vibe is warm and friendly – you’ll love it. Plan ahead because reservations are a must at Villa Italia. And, you won’t want to miss this boutique-sized restaurant with so much Costa Rican charm. Bon Appetit.




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