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Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Puerto Rico

April 24, 2018 0 Comments

In Puerto Rico, coffee is king. Here, any old cup of joe just won’t do. Most coffee shops have coffee bean plantations that have been in their families for generations, and only serve the best beans and brews to their customers. Coffee shops in Puerto Rico are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite coffee shops around the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Coffee shops in Puerto Rico

Coffee at Caficultura, (Photo by: @nincha5)

Caficultura – San Juan

This little coffee shop is known for the adorable characters and shapes they etch atop their delicious drinks. The coffee offerings are endless, you just cant have one cup. Grab some brunch to go with your drink, we recommend the coconut infused French toast or anything served with the guava butter!

Coffee shops in Puerto Rico

Cafe Don Ruiz, San Juan Puerto Rico (Photo by: @yesimozbarlas)

Café Don Ruiz – San Juan

Walk in to the sweet aroma of true Puerto Rican coffee beans and you will instantly be transported to a coffee lovers heaven. The iced latte here is legendary and we recommend pairing it with the turkey sandwich, you wont regret it.

Coffee shops in Puerto Rico

Cafe Cola’o, San Juan Puerto Rico (Photo by: @mamaeduca)

Café Cola’o – San Juan

Located in a little strip mall on the pier sits this little gem of a coffee shop. Erica Reyes, the daughter of coffee growers, serves up delicious coffee with a lifetime of coffee knowledge at this little café. You can also snag savory sandwiches and delicious pastries to pair with your coffee.

Coffee shops in Puerto Rico

Cuatro Sombras Coffee Shop, San Juan Puerto Rico (Photo by: @cupofjuse)

Café Cuatro Sombras – San Juan

We’ve all come to know the ever-popular farm to table trend, well the owners of this shop have taken that and applied it to coffee, should we say farm to cup? They harvest their own coffee from their family’s coffee plantation that’s been in their family for almost 175 years. There’s no denying it, this coffee is handled with the utmost care, and you can taste it!

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