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Clothing Optional Beaches: Why?

July 28, 2015 0 Comments

If your immediate response to these words, “Clothing Optional Beaches,” causes you to push your eyebrows clean up into your hairline, and run screaming, or turn a thousand shades of rouge, then perhaps you might want to skip this blog. If you’re a little more uninhibited (perhaps you were a streaker as a toddler) and are up for some adventure au naturel, then read on.

Hedonism II, Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

(Hedonism II, Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, on Seven Mile Beach

In addition to the luscious, clear blue water, intoxicating tropical foliage and soft, foot-loving sand (all the amazing natural beauty that you visit this part of the world to enjoy), this resort offers some options when it comes to the question of baring your birthday suit – or not.

The “Prude” Side: This is the tamer, quieter clothing optional side. You can read, sleep, listen to music, sip on fruity, frozen beverages. Just chill.

The “Nude” Side: Self-explanatory, this side. However, one is required to be nude, clothes-less, naked as a jaybird. Word on the beach is that this scene is geared towards those who are more daring, and open to a bit more of a festive atmosphere.

At Hedonism, you can get the best of both freaky worlds when it comes to clothing optional beaches.

Parasailing, Hedonism II, Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

(Parasailing, Hedonism II, Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

The upside, as it were, to an all-nude situation is once the novelty of seeing people turned out in their natural selves wears off, you can go on with relaxing and forget about it. Besides, when you’re in a place that is probably as close to the Garden of Eden as we know in our civilized society, why not?

Note: nudity is NOT located in the main public areas like the lobby, gift shop or restaurant. So don’t worry. When you’re ordering your morning cinnamon buns in the buffet line, you won’t see any guest buns turning up in your line of vision, staring you in the face.

Orient Bay Beach on St. Martin

The white-as-snow, gorgeous beaches of this island paradise is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, as is this nude beach. St. Martin is controlled by the French government, so the language is primary French, as is the general the joie de vivre (French for “joy of living”) way of life. Thus, the carefree, European attitude towards sunbathing a la naturel.

A fair amount of guests go topless when sunbathing and a few wear thongs (not on their feet). However, it is billed as a place where if the only thing you want to wear is a smile, you can.

Orient Bay Beach is not too far from the Alamanda Resort, a fab place to stay that is popping with happy, bright colors. As you stroll east down the beach, you will see verbiage on a sign that reads, “Nude Beach, Plage Naturiste ” (more French, means “natural beach”). And under that in smaller type, “No Vendors.” Thank you! One sure doesn’t want to deal with naked beach salesmen dangling gold trinkets and chains (or something else) in your face as you are trying to breathe deeply and relax, trying to wrap your head around the fact that you are legally without clothing in public. In truth, there are some people who are much more at ease with letting it all hang out. If you are not one of these types, you can happily cover up.

Temptation Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico,

(Temptation Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

Temptation Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico

This resort and spa that touts the slogan “Dare to be Tempted” is decidedly adults-only. In addition to the vast expanses of glorious beaches, world-class restaurants that promise gastronomical experiences and a luxurious spa, it also offers “topless optional” areas. However, that is not the focal point of this sunny, fun place; there are a variety of things you can do here. You can enjoy everything from water and beach sports, but also, pool games to “tempting contests that will warm even the iciest participants.” If you’re into this kind of thing, go for it! Carpe diem (Latin for “seize the day”!) If not, you can retire to the Jacuzzi or your room. It’s up to you.

Room view, Temptations Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico

(Room view, Temptations Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

So should any of these scenarios appeal to you, then pick up your phone and call one of CheapCaribbean’s BhDs right now. They can help you create an incredible, memorable getaway – clothing optional or clothing required. Just call 800-915-3162 or visit our site to see all of our irresistible, beachtastic resorts. After you get a taste of all that we offer, you’ll be craving another dream vacay in no time.

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