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2016 Noble Beach Prize Winner: Breathless Punta Cana, Best Beach-o-tainment

December 22, 2016 0 Comments

Ever wanted to frolic through a seemingly bottomless pit of bubbles that is not in your own bath tub? You can. What about parading around in your teeny weeny bikini at night under an illuminating black light? You can do that, too. (Sounds liberating, huh?) If you’re feeling a little breathless reading this, you’re right on point: Breathless Punta Cana, our 2016 Noble Beach Prize Winner for “Best Beach-o-tainment,” is where you can slip right into all this delicious insanity.

As one of the rockin-est rock stars on the beach planet, Breathless Punta Cana is an adults-only playground where you’re treated like a million sand dollars and where shenanigans, along with excellent (read: strong) premium drinks, are always on tap. During waking hours, you can rage at the Daily Foam Party. At night, you can shake what your mama gave you during the Black Light Pool Party. Sound like some fine entertainment? Thought so.

Nightly entertainment, Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa, Dominican Republic

(Nightly entertainment, Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa, Dominican Republic.)

Want more? There’s the always popular, pheromone-raising monthly fetes like Menage a Deux a Trois, Sexy DJ Month, PJ’s and DJ’s and White Beach Parties. Weekly bashes like Dirty Dancing Night, Lingerie Black Light Party and Gatsby and Toga Parties. The Sensuality Show has also proven to be a big hit among guests as well.

Entertainment team, Breathless Punta Cana, Dominican Republic,

(Entertainment team, Breathless Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, photo by: D. Studebaker.)

Celebrity sightings at the resort? Yes, a few include the infamous Kourtney Kardashian. We could just stop there, but also making cameos are DJ Rhiannon, DH/Model Willy Monfret, DJ Amely and a throng of others that will make you snap-with-your-camera happy.

The revelry never ends. You’ll observe very coordinated staff members ride unicycles poolside as you kick back with a frosty beverage. You can even go topless horseback riding, if you dare. The world is your oyster because just about anything can go in this unrestrained free-for-all all-inclusive resort in the always-dreamy Punta Cana.

Speaking of oysters, the natural beauty (in addition to yours, of course) is equally beguiling. You can skinny-dip in mesmerizingly turquoise waters. Skip on shimmering, sparkling beaches with glistening sand. And dance poolside with (very nice, not creepy) strangers.

With over 100 people on the razzle dazzle entertainment team, there’s always a partay going on. But most importantly, at Breathless Punta Cana, you are the main attraction.

If some good ol’ frisky fun is your day’s demand, you simply must dial 1-800-915-3162 so one of our sun-savvy Beachologists can hook you up with the most poppin’ all-inclusive vacation package out there, starting with Noble Beach Prize Winner Breathless Punta Cana. Don’t worry, you’ll be prancing through limitless merriment soon.

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