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7 Ways to Sleep on a Plane

May 18, 2017 0 Comments

There are many ways to get some shut-eye when you’re traveling up in the blue. However, here are 7 ways to sleep on a plane that we’ve found to be the best.

1. Get a Window Seat. This is the ideal situation. Go to SeatGuru® and pick one out the minute you’ve bought your flight. This way you can hunker down against the wall and get down to snoozing.

2. Buy a Sleep Mask and Neck Pillow. These are generally very affordable. When you combine a sleep mask, neck pillow with a window seat, you’ll be ready for sleepy time.

3. Don’t Drink Alcohol. This might be hard to hear, we know. While drinking can put you to sleep, you generally wake up an hour or so later parched and wide awake. Then, unless you bring your own water, you’ll be sipping on tiny cups of water, which won’t do the trick. However, if you end up quenching your thirst with those little cups of water, this might be followed by numerous trips to the bathroom, which can thwart your attempt to get some Zzzzzs. Save those drinks for the beach. Of all the ways to sleep on a plane, giving up alcohol might be the toughest, but in the long run, it’s so worth it.

4. Wear Comfy Socks and Shoes. While those Louboutins are gorgeous and those black cap-toe Oxfords are impressive, save those for your destination. There isn’t much space to put your feet in the first place when you’re on the plane, so have some mercy on your dogs and wear snuggly sock and shoes. Option: you can take off your shoes, but unless you know you have sweet smelling footsies, you might want to think again.

5. Bring a Jacket. Back in the day, flights used to offer blankets. But no more, unless you’re in first class. Grab a sweater or jacket to take with you. If you’re cold, you’ll NEVER sleep. And it’s better to have a wrap than NOT have one. Trust us.

6. Pack a Boring Book. Whether it’s an old history book from school or a technical manual of some sort, when you combine your valiant attempt to concentrate with the whir of the engine, it’s most usually a recipe for sleep.

7. Unplug Inflight. We love our devices. And while they have made life in the 21st century infinitely more convenient, artificial light disrupts the body’s circadian rhythms–our body’s 24-hour sleep/wake cycle. It can affect everything from brain wave patterns and hormone production to medical issues like depression and insomnia. No one wants that.

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