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Grand Bahia Principe Coba Beer

The CaribBEERan. (Rum, you’ve got company!)

August 5, 2015 0 Comments

Oh, righteous rum, we know how you love to rule the tealy-turquoise waters just south of the mainland. But hold on, there is a new frothy libation in town and it’s no redheaded stepchild.

Enter beer. Luscious, malty, thirst-quenching-on-a-crazy-hot day BEER! And so many addicting types and flavors to choose from, especially when you’re talkin’ Caribbean beers.

These babies are in no particular order. They have not been ranked. Why? Because they can’t be; it’s difficult to compare wildly different flavors, aromas, colors, etc. Caribbean beers are as different as water and sand. Further, (and this is the truth here), one human palate does not have the lock on what’s the best. After all, one man’s ceiling is another man’s ocean floor.

Red Stripe Jamaica

(Red Stripe, Jamaica, photo by:

Jamaica – Red Stripe. This stout little guy is the poster child of Caribbean beers. And yet, it’s an international combination of ingredients: malted grain from Canada, the UK and France with hops from the Yakima Valley in the U.S. and sparkling, fresh well water from Jamaica. Its aroma has hints of citrus, a bit of butter and sweet corn. The color of clear pale straw, Red Stripe is citrusy and has a crisp, light finish. ‘Tis the quintessential accoutrement to chillaxin’ with some tunes by Mr. Marley and a killer sunset, Mon.

Barbados – Seven Strong. This bold choice is named for a purpose: to communicate that perhaps just one-and maybe not seven-of these could do the trick. Golden orange, frothy and welcoming, the aroma is a mix of apples, grapes, baked bread, and a bit ‘o honey. The taste, is also citrusy and grape-y, which gives it a chardonnay vibe. Luscious. It’s one of the best Caribbean beers to cap off those delicious, lazy beach days in Barbados.

Kalik in the Bahamas

(Kalik, Bahamas, photo by:

Bahamas – Kalik. This beauty is known as the “Beer of the Bahamas,” as well as the country’s best selling brew. A bright golden color, Kalik has the light scent of grain, a touch of corn and is a little skunky (yes, this is a real word used to describe a beer flavor). The taste, also, boasts a bit of corn, cooked veggies, and a touch of caramel. Medium-bodied with high carbonation, this is one of those clean, crisp Caribbean beers that embodies the mellowness of the Bahamas.

St. John’s – Liquid Sunshine Ale. This baby was born from a few state siders’ desire to add a star brew to the already high number of awesome Caribbean beers. One whiff and you’ll pick up fruit, spices (orange peel, clove), plus a pinch of yeast. Overall, it has a muted traditional Belgian nose. The taste? Lemony banana-y with a tangy wheat twist. It’s a party-in-your-mouth, as you hang on the beach gazing happily at the pink Caribbean sunset that will imprint on your soul.


(Presidente, Caribbean, photo by:

Dominican Republic – Presidente. This beer is aptly named, as the President himself is said to fancy it. Said to be the “national treasure,” it’s been a top seller since 1935. The aroma is akin to spicy grassy hops, corn and a bit of grain. Presidente should be served ice cold, so when it hits your lips, you’re left with an outrageously refreshing taste of a pale adjunct lager–grain, pale malt, and grassy hops. This is one of those Caribbean beers that goes down smooth and helps take the heat out of the day, as you lie by the tranquil waves lulling you to dreamland.

Martinique – Bierre Lorraine. Story goes that in 1919, a French engineer, Rene de Jaham, brought his stellar beer-making craft to this heavenly part of the world from the French Region of Lorraine, the home of brews dating back to 5,000 B.C., and also where he honed his art. He happened to be in Martinique during World War II (can you blame him?) and surmised that it would be a smashingly good idea to brew beer in this island paradise. And so he did. A clear blonde ale with the scent of hops, it’s bold, beautiful, and carries a pedigree in every sip. It’s one of the most perfect Caribbean beers for this French-infused, teal-wave-kissed beach haven.

Cayman Islands – Ironshore Bock. Not your ordinary Caribbean brew, and named for the rock that is found all over these blessed islands, Ironshore Bock stands out among the beach crowd. While it pours dark, it’s surprisingly light, lending a lush roast coffee aftertaste. The secret: roasted dark German malt used while brewing, which leaves a nice micro-brew element and offers a toasty coffee aftertaste. Snag a few of these sweet Caribbean beers, and hit the beach or pool. Life will be good from that second on.

Modelo Zoetry Paraiso de La Bonita

(Modelo Zoetry Paraiso de La Bonita, Riviera Maya, Mexico, photo by:

Mexico – Negro Modelo. Born in 1925, the smart brew guys behind this famous beer created the Munich Dunkel, a slow-roasted, dark-style lager that combines the finest caramel malts-galena hops and yeast varieties with a liberal dose of toasted two-row black malts. Food-friendly and smooth going down, this tasty refresher pours a sort of garnet hue–a translucent brown/copper. One sip and you’ll be loving the caramel malty, nutty, fruity flavor that is light-bodied, remarkably balanced and mild. Grab a lime to bring out the citrus notes and you’ll be feelin’ fine while you enjoy some well-deserved beach time.

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