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Cayman Islands Food Guide

July 25, 2018 2 Comments

When it comes to finding delicious choices for Cayman Islands food, the options are endless. But, finding the ones that are worth the visit is a little harder. We’re sharing our list of favorite spots to grab a bite in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands Food

Alfresco Restaurant, Cayman Islands (Photo by: D. Studebaker)


Situated right on the beach, this local restaurant serves some of the most delicious local and international dishes and provides fabulous views of Seven Mile Beach. Some of our favorites include the pizza and the scotch bonnet creole shrimp!

Cayman islands food

Calypso Grill menu (Photo by: D. Studebaker)

Calypso Grill

The Caribbean lobster is always our go-to meal and you can’t forget about the sticky toffee pudding! It’s so popular, the street adjacent to the restaurant is named after the pudding. It’s legendary!

Cayman Islands Food

Tacos at Eagle Ray’s, Cayman Islands (Photo by: D. Studebaker)

Eagle Ray’s

The lion fish tacos are out-of-this-world amazing and second to only the tacos is the astonishing view from the restaurant. Lion fish are an invasive species that can harm many ecosystems because they are top predators. Thankfully, the guys at Eagle Ray’s are helping keep the population under control by serving these up as one of their specialties.

Cayman Islands Food

Heritage Kitchen, Grand Cayman Island (Photo by: @biarporto)

Heritage Kitchen

This adorable little shack on the beach is just too good to pass up, especially when you’re looking for authentic Cayman Islands food. They serve some of the freshest seafood on the island, but we always recommend trying the coconut grouper, it’s our fav!

Cayman Islands Food

Jessie’s Juice Bar, Cayman Islands (Photo by: D. Studebaker)

Jessie’s Juice Bar

Not all vacation food has to be chalked full of calories. At Jessie’s Juice Bar they serve some of the most deliciously healthy options that will have your taste buds watering just hearing about them. The avocado & tomato toast is at the top of our list.

Does all of this tasty food have you dying for a trip to these beautiful islands? Check out some of our deals in the Cayman Islands or give one of our friendly Beachologists a call at 800-915-2322 to book.

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    Cathy Cuddy

    December 9, 2018

    It would be great to always mention restaurants that offer a gluten-free menu for all of us who for medical reasons need to eat this way. It’s much different than a restaurant who will “accommodate’ but not really. Nothing worse than needing to eat packets of tuna and peanut butter supplemented with nutritional drinks because there’s no food options.

    • Reply

      Rachel Tellez

      December 10, 2018

      Hi Cathy! Of course, we can definitely start incorporating more diverse food guides for you guys! Thanks for letting us know.