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Cayman Islands Eco-Friendly Adventures

July 25, 2018 0 Comments

The Cayman Islands are basically a True Beach Lover’s paradise. You can catch some rays (both sun and sting), indulge in the island’s epic rum tastings or chill on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Seven Mile Beach. In our opinion, though, the best parts are within some of our favorite Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventures.

Yes, there’s the stunning (and we really mean stunning) snorkeling and scuba, but we’re talking about the natural formations and phenomena on the island. Grand Cayman is home to several sights that leave us, and any Beach Lover, in pure amazement.

Hell, Cayman Islands (Photo by: @xtremeworks_plays)


Have you been to Hell and back? Located in the West Bay district, Hell is a field of short, black limestone formations, created by salt and limestone deposits over 20 million years ago. Walking on the fragile limestone structures is prohibited but you can still take in the landscape from a viewing platform. Stop in the post office after you experience one of our favorite Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventures, and you may even get the chance to chat with the post office owner. You can’t miss him – he’s often dressed in a devil costume and can be heard saying, “Welcome to Hell” or “How the hell are you?”. Oh, the possibilities.

Don’t forget your passport! For a small donation to keep up the grounds, you can get it stamped with Hell! Plus, mail a postcard from Hell and show your inner bada**.

Bioluminescent Bay

The Cayman Islands is home to one of 12 bioluminescent bays in the whole world. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Glowing water, literally! In True Beach Lover terms, that means the bio bay in Grand Cayman is a light show, created by millions of living microorganisms in the water, talk about amazing Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventures! This natural wonder is located in a small, protected bay in Northside, Grand Cayman and there are plenty of night tours you can do to see this unreal phenomenon. Keep in mind, you need a dark sky to see the glow, so tours run based on the moon cycle – a full moon means no bio bay tour for you. Most tours will allow you to swim around in the dark waters, which is beyond cool! When you move your arms and legs in the water, the little performers (aka light-emitting creatures) will light up, creating a “snow angel” effect in the water…but this is at the beach so it’s way better! Photos can be difficult since you can only see the lights when it’s dark, but you can always try!

Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventures

East End Blowhole, Cayman Islands (Photo by: D. Studebaker)

East End Blow Holes

Natural blow holes. We’re into it. We’ve all seen a blow hole, but the East End Blow Hole in Grand Cayman is at the top of our list. When you’re driving around catching the local sights in the East End, stop for 15 minutes and check out this free (right, we said free) attraction. The East End Blow Hole is a scenic, uncrowded spot where seawater enters submerged coral caverns and creates a rush of water – sometimes up to 20+ feet. Each blow hole reacts a little differently to the waves so you’re likely to see different eruptions. The blow holes are most active during times where the winds are lively. Like we said, this is a quick, local spot (perfect for that Insta shot), but be sure to wear sturdy shoes…the coastline is pretty rocky! Be sure to look for Alan, a local, who hangs around the Blow Holes and has all the dirt (pun intended) on the fossils and which waves will create the best effect.

Crystal Caves

Another Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventure is visiting the Crystal Caves, situated near Old Man’s Bay. These underground caves formed over millions of years through water erosion and are filled with stalactite and stalagmite crystals. So, what’s to thank for the stellar view of the crystals? Acidic rainwater. Basically, the rain water dripped through the limestone ceiling of the caves, leaving calcium deposits over time. Nature is cool.

We highly recommend a guided tour. Seriously, the tour guides at Crystal Caves are super knowledgeable and will take you through the caves AND the forest. You’re still in the Caribbean, though, so dress accordingly. It can get pretty humid in the caves. Plus, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes…the tour lasts about an hour and a half!

Snorkeling at Starfish Point Cayman Islands (Photo by: @emilygud)

Starfish Point

Located roughly an hour from Seven Mile Beach, Starfish Point is home to tons of picturesque starfish. The incredibly calm and shallow waters make it the perfect location to get up-close and personal with these majestic underwater beings, without all the hassle of scuba diving!

We’re beach people, but all of these refreshing and beautiful Cayman Islands eco-friendly adventures make us think we’re just nature people, in general. If all of this adventuring has made you hungry, check out our Cayman Islands Food Guide!

See these unreal sights for yourself and book with one of our unreal deals to the Cayman Islands or call one of our Beachologists at 800-915-2322.


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