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Brilliantly Barbados

April 12, 2022 0 Comments

Although it’s only a mere 166 square miles, Barbados boasts some 60 beaches, all of which are free and open to the public. With an average daily temp of 78 degrees and lots of sunny days, nearly every day is a perfect day to visit! And if having afternoon tea or taking up the sport of cricket interest you, then you’ll appreciate the island’s distinct British flavor. In addition to that, Barbados flaunts its bragging rights as the birthplace of rum, so plan to sample a rum punch or two while you’re there. While most of the resorts, restaurants and island activity are in southern Barbados, the eastern side of the island is gaining a following for its natural landscapes and wicked surf, including one of the best surfing spots in the world – the Soup Bowl. Whether you want great food, great fun or great beaches, Barbados has it all.

Barbados is a great place to experience afternoon tea and cricket with easy access to the sunny beach. For a British-influenced vacation with great rum, Barbados vacation packages are the best way to go.

Get Punchy

This dreamy Dark and Stormy has got us thirsty. Bottoms up, beaches! (Photo by @acting_chef)

In a good way, of course. Barbados is home to the world’s oldest rum distillery, so naturally, you’re going to want to go and get your drink on. After you take a guided tour and learn all about how rum is made, sip on some delicious samples and grab a souvenir on the way out. We can’t blame you for wanting to continue the party after, so treat yourself to a delicious rum punch as you settle in for an evening full of food and fun. And trust us, after you have one of these delicious cocktails, you will definitely be craving a few more!

Eat Like a Local

Dinner with a view? Priceless! Check out Boatyard for beachside grub. (Photo by @winebythebottle)

Want to know a little more about all that food and fun we just talked about? Locals know where it’s at, and at Oistins, you’ll be feasting on a fish fry like no other. Fresh seafood like swordfish, tuna and more are prepared right in front of you, so you can see exactly what goes into making each bite so delectable. For the ultimate night out, make sure you visit on a Friday. There’s live music, fresh fish for sale and the most jaw-dropping sunsets.

Hang Ten

Surfs up, dude! Or just watch from the sand. Whatever floats your boat. (Photo by @graveljoanne)

Surf’s up, True Beach Lovers! Ever heard of the Soup Bowl? It’s one of Barbados’ most famous surfing sites, located off the east coast of the island. Experienced swimmers and surfers flock here every November for the Independence Classic Surfing Championship, so if you want to see it all in action, be sure to plan your vacay for that time. Otherwise, if you’re visiting any other time of the year, feel free to sit back and watch these pros in action. It truly is a sight to behold!

When it comes to island vibes and good times, Barbados ranks right up there on our list of awesome vacay destinations. Get in on the action and start planning your getaway today!

Lauren Fritz