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Best Views in Barbados

May 29, 2018 0 Comments

It’s no secret, the beaches in Barbados are breathtaking. Actually, the views across the whole island are magnificent. Whether you’re looking for a spot to snag some Instagram-worthy shots or just looking for a place to take in the beauty if the island, Barbados is the place for you.  We’ve rounded up a list of a few of our favorite spots to take in the views in Barbados, and we’re sharing them with you!

Views in Barbados

Animal Flower Cave, Barbados (Photo by: @mybarbadostours)

Animal Flower Cave

Nestled in the farthest north cover of the island, this cave provides not only amazing views, but also a mysterious, rugged adventure, complete with (literally) living on the edge! The cave even has a few openings where you can look out to the sea. If adventure isn’t really your thing, you can always take in the views from The Cliff, the restaurant that sits atop the cave.

views in barbados

Archers Bay, Barbados (Photo by: @barbadosinphotos)

Views in Barbados

Archers Bay, Barbados (Photo by: @liebhartsmaxi_)

Archers Bay

Located in an undeveloped area of Barbados, Archers Bay is where the Atlantic Ocean begins to overpower the calm Caribbean Sea. This rugged area is perfect for a picnic along the shore and taking in the best, undisturbed views of Barbados.

Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados (Photo by: @probstalexander)

Cherry Tree Hill

No real list of the best views in Barbados can be complete without mention of this little spot. With everything from the trees lining the driveway up to the hill, to the views overlooking the entire East Coast of Barbados, Cherry Tree Hill is a true gem.

views in Barbados

Hackletons Cliff barbados (Photo by: @barbadosinphotos)

Hackletons Cliff

The East coast of Barbados has never looked as good as it does from Hackletons Cliff. Take in the lush vegetation and rolling views of the beaches below from one of the highest points on the island.

Views in Barbados

Mount Hillaby, Barbados (Photo by: @meriharakka)

Mount Hillaby

Providing views from the highest point of the island, Mount Hillaby provides some of the lushest views in Barbados. We recommend visiting early in the morning when the fog is still rising for an enchanting view.

Views in Barbados

Bathsheba, Barbados (Photo by: @wildsoulwithwanderlust24)


The beautiful in Bathsheba is unlike any other. The historic little community will be different from anything you have ever seen before. The astonishing rock formations line the shore, providing some of the best views in Barbados.

Ready to take in the beauty of Barbados for yourself? Get to booking your beach vacation to Barbados!

Views in BarbadosViews in Barbados

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