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The holidays are upon us and the weather is getting a little cooler, which is exactly why we’re warming things up with our incredibly cute beach ornament. It’s so easy to make you won’t believe it.

What You Need: Sand, glass ornament, small shells, twine and glue gun.

Step One: Pour sand into a glass ornament.

Pouring sand into glass ornament

(Pouring sand into glass ornament, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Step Two: Add a few seashells.

Small seashells inside glass ornament

(Small seashells inside glass ornament, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Step Three: Glue twine to the top of the ornament.

Gluing twine to top of glass ornament

(Gluing twine to top of glass ornament, photo by: J. Clegg.)

Step Four: Hang on your tree and feel the holiday warmth!

Beach ornament on tree

(Beach ornament on tree, photo by: J. Clegg.)

If you this beachy ornament has triggered your daydreaming about spending the holidays in the sun ‘n surf, go here to read about all the celebrations you can join in on in the Caribbean and Mexico. Or if it’s chilly out and you want to warm yourself up, whip up our amazing Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate. Or just grab a cocktail, sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season!



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