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Best Beach Bars in Jamaica

January 30, 2019 0 Comments

There are quite a few must-do things during every trip to Jamaica, and one is to visit one (all) of the many awesome beach bars on the island! There are so many to choose from, but we’ve rounded up a list of the best beach bars in Jamaica that are guaranteed to give you delicious cocktails, fantastic views and the best memories to take home with you.

Rick’s Cafe in Negril

Rick’s Cafe and cliffs (Photo by: J. Clegg)

As one of the most popular and best beach bars in Jamaica, Rick’s Cafe never fails to disappoint in stunning views and endless fun! From live reggae music and entertainment to cliff jumping and watching the breathtaking sunset, this spot is a must in Negril. For the adventure seekers, visitors can line up and jump into the glistening, aquamarine Caribbean Sea just below them. Our sister brand’s blog, BeachBounder, has even mentioned Rick’s as one of the top things to do in Jamaica!

Sugarpot Ruins Bar & Restaurant in Ocho Rios

This hidden gem will definitely take you off the beaten path from your typical bar scene. Located on a small, quiet beach, Sugarpot Ruins is a secluded paradise that you don’t want to miss! This is the perfect spot to get away from the crowded areas of Ocho Rios and spend a couple of hours on a mostly-private beach with delicious food and cocktails. It’s also a great place for an afternoon picnic!

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Montego Bay

Best Beach Bars in Jamaica

View from the patio bar at Margaritaville in Montego Bay (Photo by: A True Beach Lover)

Did you really visit Montego Bay if you didn’t stop for a drink (or six) at the popular Margaritaville? For those who don’t mind a few crowds, this is always a fun beach bar for hanging out! Even if cocktails aren’t your thing, still come for the jaw-dropping views and lively atmosphere you probably won’t get at many other places.

Calico Jack’s Pirate Shack in Negril

Hanging on the dock at Calico Jack’s Pirate Shack.(Photo by: @___0330____)

Feel like you’re in a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean on Calico Jack’s island, just off the coast of Half Moon Beach and its stunning reef system. Five bucks gets you round trip access from Half Moon to the island, where you can sip on cocktails and enjoy the panoramic views of the Caribbean – especially the sunsets. You’ll want to try the lobster, too, because it’s definitely a hit amongst visitors! Calico Jack’s is totally one of our fav of all the best beach bars in Jamaica!

Bar at James Bond Beach in Ocho Rios

Nestled in the small Orcabessa Bay peninsula, nearly 10 miles from Ocho Rios, the bar at James Bond Beach is definitely something special. With views of the crystal clear water, St. Mary’s mountains and clear, blue skies, this spot is nothing short of spectacular! The two-story, open-air, Moonraker bar offers a variety of delicious cocktails and a laid back atmosphere on the beach. It has space for nearly 200 people and is often used to host several concerts throughout the year for artists like Rhianna, Ziggy Marley, Lauryn Hill and many other jazz, blues and reggae artists.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Negril

Visiting Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Negril, admiring the view with a cold Red Strip in hand, is basically a must-do when visiting Jamaica. It all began when owner Floyd Forbes dreamed of a bar on stilts in the middle of the ocean… he made that dream a reality in 2001, mostly for use by him and his fisherman buddies, until more people decided they wanted in on the dreamy, boozy bar scene that is Pelican Bar! With that said, no matter where you’re staying in Jamaica, this bar is definitely worth the day trip because it’s such a unique beach bar experience!

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