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Beachy Tech Gadgets

April 27, 2018 0 Comments

It’s safe to say checking social media is a routine part of just about everyone’s life, because #whynot? Unfortunately, technology and the beach are not two things that go together very well. Thankfully, when it comes to knowing which beachy tech gadgets are actually worth it, we’ve got you covered.


Tech Gadgets For The Beach

1. Waterproof Floating Phone Case

Pic or it didn’t happen is our motto. Make sure you’re able to snap a picture of the beach while protecting your phone. This waterproof floating phone case is a must-have when it comes to beachy tech gadgets.

2.  Charging Power Station

The last thing you want is to be relaxing on the beach and your device dies, so having a mobile charging bank is a must while on the beach. This Mophie charging pack has 2 USB ports, meaning you and your bff or boo can charge at the same time.

3. Waterproof Camera

If your phone camera just isn’t cutting it for you to get those perfect insta-worthy pictures, making the investment in this waterproof camera might be what you need!

4. Waterproof Speaker

What’s better than kicking back and relaxing on the beach with your “chill vibez” playlist playing in the background? But let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to hear the music from your phone speakers over the beach waves, so having a handy waterproof speaker nearby is clearly the way to go.

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