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8 Authentic Spots to Eat in Puerto Rico

April 24, 2018 0 Comments
Authentic Spots to Eat in Puerto Rico

Coffee and sandwich at Kasalta (Photo by: @thai_gets_u_approved)

Kasalta – San Juan

Though this spot is small, it’s definitely not lacking in anything! Kasalta is a panderia, specializing in pastries, sandwiches and bread. They’re most famous for their Cuban sandwich and their media noche sandwich, it’s so delicious, even former President Obama couldn’t resist this authentic treat on a trip to Puerto Rico in 2012!

Cafe Manolin Old San Juan

If it’s a true Puerto Rican experience you are looking for, you can certainly find it here. This small diner serves all of the authentic, local favorites, filled with so much flavor and heart. You have to try the mofongo, made of fried plantains and meat, or the rice and beans, both are to die for!

Que PezCa’o – San Juan

The owner of Que PezCa’o only serves the freshest seafood, which is fitting considering restaurant owner Pedro Soto operates the fish market just a few steps from the restaurant. Some of our favorites include the conch ceviche, fish tacos and the seafood-stuffed mofongos. This little spot will not disappoint!

Authentic Spots to Eat in Puerto Rico

Buffet spread at 1919 Restaurant (Photo by: @nashafondeur)

1919 – San Juan

Tucked away inside the Condado Vanderbilt hotel is the ultra posh 1919 restaurant. If you’re looking for the ultimate fine dining spot in San Juan, you’ve found it with 1919. With its upscale vibe and delicious tasting menu, you’re sure to wow whoever you take with you.

Pirilo Pizza Rústica – Dorado

Imagine being in a historic Puerto Rican home, dining on some of the most delicious pizza you have ever had. If that’s your idea of a magical night, you have to head to Pirilo Pizza Rustica de Dorado! The pizza on this crust is absolutely delicious and you can wash it all down with one of their famous mojitos.

Authentic Spots to Eat in Puerto Rico

Tacos at Acapulco Taqueria Mexicana (Photo by: @victoriamasley)

Acapulco Mexican Taqueria – San Juan

If your idea of a delicious taco is the kind you get in an American drive through, this may not be the spot for you. The tacos al pastor are authentic, and sliced right in front of you off a spit of rotating meat and ever so delicious. Grab a few but make sure to save room for their legendary Key lime pie!

Punto de Vista Rooftop Restaurant – San Juan

For the best views and the best food, you have to check out Punto de Vista Rooftop Restaurant. The views over the city are just stunning and the mofongo and fish tacos simply can not be beat. If you’re looking for a great vibe, fabulous food and a totally local experience, this place can’t be beat.

Authentic Spots to Eat in Puerto Rico

Casa Cortes Choco Bar (Photo by: @chocobarcortes)

Casa Cortes Choco Bar – San Juan

Items like the chocolate grilled cheese, chocolate cocktails and of course, all of the traditional Puerto Rican favorites, top the fan favorites list at this fourth-generation family-owned and operated hot spot. If the wait is long, you absolutely must visit the family’s upstairs art gallery, it’s breathtaking.

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