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Adventure Awaits: Belize

June 1, 2018 0 Comments

We get it… Laying on the beach all day, every day isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite things to do in Belize, that don’t involve lounging around all day in a bikini.

things to do in belize

Belizean Shores Resort, Belize (Photo by: @springlilbird)

Island Hopping

Hop on a boat and spend the day visiting the numerous cayes off the mainland of Belize. Many of the island hopping tours allow you to fish, swim, snorkel and of course, explore!

Things to do in Belize

Coco beans chocolate factory (Photo by: @feelingpunchy)

Ixcacao Chocolate

If learning how to make chocolate is something you’ve only dreamed us, this tour is for you. But you won’t find the recipe to make any commercial grade chocolate bars here. Hershey’s ran a chocolate plant in Belize for many years, but the countries Bean-to-Bar movement pushed them out. Spend an entire day visiting small, certified-organic farms where you are able to learn how to make the delicious treat.

things to do in belize

Pelican Reef Villas (Photo by: @sam_frawley)

Visit a Solar Powered Island

Bomba, an island off the coast of Belize where the main source of electricity is from solar power. You can explore the island and see how the locals live. Remember to bring your cash- you’ll be lucky to find a place that takes mainstream credit cards.

If all of this talk about exploring has you dying for a trip to a Belizean beach, you have to check out some of our great Belize deals or some of the other great places to explore in Belize. If you’d rather, you can always call one of our friendly Beachologists at 1-800-915-2322 to hear even more about Belize!

things to do in Belizethings to do in Belize
things to do in Belize
June 1, 2018


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